Li Xi Wen lost here is the sketch she would know at once.But there’s a few to save the plant engineer their own drawings were transferred packet paper in half, enemy agents did not check found!

  Li Xi Wen returned to the factory to find that the atmosphere is very tense.Whether in public toilets or in the cafeteria, and even in the pool room of the dormitory, no one is willing to speak.
  While no one about her gossip she is very happy, but we are forbidden if chilling, Li Xi Wen still want to thoroughly understand the reasons.Fang Meng came to her and asked CNC machine thing, she finished down to business questions.
  ”That enemy agents not only towards me start with one person, that is, people do not have high vigilance me, have not found?But how to explain things that traffickers?”Asked Li Xi Wen Fang Meng.
  ”Wang issued a cousin secretary Zhu leadership.Mr Ng will and leadership early Zhu colleagues over a period of time, it is estimated over-contradiction.So Mr Ng will be reported when Zhu led by the king on to the next person secretary hint.Zhu leadership is not without supporters, after he heard some information that Mr Ng would harm him to recuperate the culprit.Mr Ng will not get off the farm, to deliver the message certainly is your family.So Wang Zhu leadership implies secretary to buckle your family top hat enemy agents.
  Wang secretary lurking a few years would have to leave the country, but there has been no opportunity before.Now Zhu leaders gave him a sum of money, he ran back to him to create opportunities to the northeast.He and Wang sent out to discuss a vote of turn several large technical personnel with running a factory run abroad.Wang Defa skilled, he intends to pick a pick, pick people who really have the ability to control the re-abducted.They control the number of people, including Chen Wei help them steal engineers, including design drawings by various means.Only two plants your brother is on the list of people they.Later you go again.Wang secretary of your case very well, they even wanted to tuck away with you.
  You are talking about and East sub-objects, if they guess just plain missing, Dong Son will certainly try to find you.But if you are, then abducted the traffickers.Wang Secretary considers to temper my mother, certainly will try to stop us find your home.
  To reduce their risk, but also specifically to play heard, he said苏州桑拿 to spend money to find the most powerful gang of traffickers to you squatting.They say you are worried engineer traffickers will not dare to start with you, you also emphasized with traffickers are temporary workers.If traffickers can take you away once more, of course, behind the factory we will certainly have to mobilize workers to go out looking for you.By the time they see the goal, whether in the factory or on the outside, we have the opportunity to take away.If you can not take away, and they are ready set of programs, and shall in fact you’re married with children that kind of thing ruin your reputation, as a little girl, you wander around in a bad mood, sometimes the opportunity while you when you drop a single kidnapped.”
  Fang Meng said a bunch, suddenly he seems to be alert to work with superiors!He stared.
  Li Xi W淡水桑拿网en blinked and asked: “What will happen to catch me?”
  ”Their aim is not Britain country.Britain is not the country of the usual routine, give you brainwashed, then held a reporter conference will allow you to expose the truth to the world?This can be considered completed secretary Wang Zhu leadership task entrusted to him.You exposed his face in a foreign country, Mr Ng would not only be bad luck, my aunt Ningdong and also get away Xingjia.If Zhu leaders to seize the opportunity to return to Fukuyama, Secretary of the King will be back.”Fang Meng touched his chin,” Congratulations to you, you not only save yourself.”

Chapter 115 physical reactions
  ”I just saved myself a big cousin You saved everyone.”Li Xi Wen stood up, bowed sincere thanks to the big cousin,” On behalf of my family, and my uncles and big brother, thank you.”
  ”you are welcome.I listen to the experts say, three to five years of CNC machine tools do not necessarily come out.But here, we found the oil, be sure to tie each machine factory oilfield construction machinery manufacturing.Many Machinery Factory can do!”Fang Meng is with the task, he found a professor of East military talked to a professor Li Xi Wen think the military can continue their studies into the East.But Caoyue Ying Li Dahai and not return to work back to Beijing, Li Xi Wen to enter friendship machinery factory Fang face is large, it is impossible to enter East military.Where Xi Li Wen to have to wait for some time, we need to explore to explore her thoughts.
  ”Buy a foreign machine back, open to copy a copy called learning, and then improve it called Design?”Li Xi Wen smile,” while others introduce new machinery, while the development of CNC machine tools to reduce production costs.What about us?We have been ready to eat?And more than 10 years, even decades after the discarded do not people mercy of CNC machine tools we sell at high prices, we continue to open the copy when a copy to promote new technologies?CNC machine tools maybe three to five years or even eight or ten years will not produce good results, but need someone to do this kind of work.I am willing to do it.”
  Fang Meng before today that Li Xi Wen choice of CNC machine tools is because the young blood and impulsive, he did not think she was taken into account before a decision ten years or even decades later.