had sex, I did not think she would be pregnant children, she threatened me, if I’m not with her, she would come to you, I can not let you know.”

  A fishing a degree of contempt, no wonder across the class can catch up with white Formica, this shameless.
  Gao Lihua angry eyebrows stand out: “Fengyuan Peng, you shameless!”Fengyuan Peng grabbed a picture hate to face:” forced, forced you laugh so happy, Fengyuan Peng, is not it in your eyes I’m a fool, what do you say what I believe.At this step, you want to fool me.”
  Under shortness 南宁桑拿of breath, a slap in the face rejection in the past Gao Lihua.
  Fengyuan Peng stunned, he knew that the rhetoric untenable, but as long as he still has feelings for Gao Lihua, will convince themselves that he was tempted Gao Lihua’s bottom line, no one thought would be a slap in return.
  Gao Lihua still puzzled air, think of this for twenty years, she did not know at the time, Fengyuan Peng fooling around with another woman.She waited for him back from his trip, he was out of him that little reluctant to leave home.Anger Teng jump up, red-hot Gao Lihua’s eyes, his hands up to his face and beat in the past.
  The first case is unprepared, the second under Fengyuan Peng thinking about her blow off steam, which is available Gao Lihua this outlet, clearly wanted to kill him, Fengyuan Peng wanted to stop the crazy Gao Lihua, just raising hi南宁桑拿s hand caught his arms, that strength is like pincers in general, so he can not move a move.
  Fengyuan Peng surprised a moment, then his face was burning pain, rushed to the Gao Lihua clueless scratching a pass play.
  ”How you play my mother.”Ah fishing fall upon Fengyuan Peng pretended to cry, indignant tone.
  Sore of Fengyuan Peng ignorant ignorant, trying to break free, but it is futile, can the peo