Beijing Pinggu District Country Taxation Bureau: learning to promote tax-making achievements

Since the study of "two learning and one", the Pinggu National Taxation Bureau has based on the unified deployment of the State Administration of Taxation and the Beijing Municipal National Taxation Bureau, based on the construction of the party branch, the structure of the party members, focusing on the tax center, from the construction of party membership education , Cultivate party members’ political awareness, overall situation, core awareness and consciousness, guide party members to strive to be taxation work, based on the position of the position, transform the wind and excellent service, play the pioneer model of qualified party members in their respective jobs, and help global Tax work creates new achievements. First, do a good job in party spirit education, motivate party members to work well on the tax works, in the basis of self-study of party members, in the class, studying, studying, learning, learning, learning, learning, learning, learning, learning, learning And use, learn to work.

One is diligent.

The leaders of the bureau adhere to the above-rate, leading the lead, and strictly enforces the first half hour of the party group, and the party branches will focus on studying, discussing, discussing, and party members every week. Learn notes.

The second is a deep learning.

The Party Branch is equipped with the "Party Construction Workbook" "Integrity Handbook" "" Two Learning One "Basic Knowledge Compilation. Carry out the party group secretary, the party branch secretary and the representative of the party members, and publicize the "two studies" typical deeds, play the advanced typical model, lead and lead the role. The third is to learn to learn.

Homemade "Two Learning One" special series screensure, proposing qualified party members, integrating party spirit education into their daily. Produce the "two studies and one" learning education special issue and micro video, push the advanced deeds of national outstanding party members, education guide party members and cadres to further fulfill their duties, and based on the position of the position, for the people’s service.

Second, strengthen the consciousness, guide party members to the Tax positions to contribute to the Pinggu National Taxation Bureau in depth, "two learning, one to do" substantive connotation, strengthen party members’ responsibility awareness and consciousness, and actively guide party members to integrate into work practice, excitation Cadre work vitality, truly "four talks four" "qualified party members.

First, clarify the responsibility of party members. In order to further implement the responsibility of strict treatment, effectively strengthen the leadership of party building work, the party group adjusts the party building leadership team, establishing the leadership party construction work responsibility area, party style and clean government construction responsibility zone and party building work contact system, clear working system , Duty system, tax service standard, strengthen the responsibility of party members.

The second is to show the image of the party. The young party members of the bureau played "two schools and one" learning education, the exemplary role of learning and education, to explain the "bright ability" of the 16 township teams in the district, and organize the "bright publicity" of the Youth Volunteer Public Welfare, in the Inspection Bureau , The tax service department, the grassroots tax office, the key position, the party members, the party members, the party members’ demonstration window, and the party members listed on the system "bright identity"; set up the "bright service" of the young party members in key work. The third is the compaction workload. In the "Camp," reform "pilot," Golden Three "is waiting for urgent, difficult, insurance, heavy work, party members carry forward the difficulties, dare to take the spirit, take the lead in overtime, open" 5 + 2 "" white + black " Working mode, do a good job in the pre-preparation and double track trial operation, and force the "Camp Change" comprehensive implementation and "Golden Three" system online after the normal operation, practice "to do warm service, business exquisite qualified party members "Vow. At the same time, in order to group, increase the tax guidance of the emerging strategic industries such as high-tech, cultural and creative, and green economy.

Up to now, the overall income and income income are high in historic, and the industrial and commercial tax increased by year-on-year. Third, grasp the problem-oriented, urged party members to make the taxpayer satisfied with the style of "two learning and one" learning education, the Pinggu National Taxation Bureau adheres to the strict investigation, to learn to investigate, to find out, to find out Top 10 systemic issues, have completed the rectification of the top 5 problems.

Aiming at the problem of paying attention to taxpayers with poor service attitude, low tax efficiency, active rectification, strict implementation of the first question responsibility system, delay service, WeChat appointment number service, reminding service and director to bring classes, business backbone station, etc. , Improve service quality; carry out multi-departmental joint inspections, conduct special rectification for tax workers illegal inter-tax intermediary business activities; through performance management, governance of "lazy" exists in cadres. Through a series of initiatives, learning education is truly learning and improving work style, transforming work, and enhances the workstation.

Fourth, establish a deep cooperation, promote the national local tax joint tax system significant effects to further improve tax service quality, Ping Valley National Taxation Bureau actively cooperates with the Local Taxation Bureau to establish the first joint tax service center in Beijing, jointly establish the situation notification mechanism Identify 195 cooperation, nearly 80% of the business can be carried out in the national development tax window, which greatly shortens the taxpayer’s waiting time. Up to now, there are 160,000 business taxes in the country, and nearly 1,000 taxpayers are received.

In order to further strengthen the organization leadership of the Tax Service Center, jointly established the Party Branch of the Pinggu District Office Tax Service Center, so that the "two students do" learn from zero, the resources are more abundant, the form is more diverse, the requirements are more strict.

Through mutual learning, deep communication, giving birth to the party building, create a "learning, grab the dry" work atmosphere, so that the cadres consciously serve the taxpayer service, improve window service level and taxpayer satisfaction.

(National Taxation Bureau of Pinggu District, Beijing (responsible: Gao Wei, Qinhua).