Abandoned old factories became art space! A "special" exhibition is being held

The long-faced transparent canvas is a new South American scenery that is completed.

"The children use clear depression, with pure construction pure, with creative lines and colors to show the beauty of the new South Rural village." Feng Wei, the head of the art space, introduced that the teachers took the children before the creation. The corner of the new South feels the beauty of the country. This year, Youth Artists Feng Wei moved the studio to Xinnan Village. He graduated from the first oil painting class of Shanghai Normal University, which is a member of the Chinese Artists Association. He is also a new South "son-in-law". After the village throws olive branches, he quickly decided to come here. Feng Wei has a thought, transforming an abandoned old factory into art space. The house is about two layers of colors, and it is bright, which is a good space showing art, artistic creation. "It’s very quiet here, pushing the window is a green.

Such space is ideal for artist creation.

Feng Wei said that he is still looking for the same way, the frontier artist, discovers more possible for art creation. (Source: Pudong released) (Editor: Chen Chen, Xuan Zhaoqiang).