Steady grain to create a "10,000 yuan" income and not even decrease "Jack" Zhongan Online Maanshan Channel Maanshan News

  He Yangtian harvested a crayfish rice shrimp to connect the base, the next day, located in the rice shrimp field in Beixian, a golden, a heavy rice ram, and the rice straw bent."It is necessary to harvest in a few days. The initial production of the yield is not less than 700 kilograms, and the rice is acquired by 1,680 yuan per mu.

Plus the crayfish that has already been made in the first season, the mu of lobster 180 kg, the average price per kilogram is 60 yuan. The rice shrimp is connected, and the acres of hair revenue can reach 10,000 yuan. "The new farmers heard in the age of 30 was happy to have a harvest account." The rice shrimp continued to achieve a win-win situation with steady grain and income.

"When the relevant person in charge of the Tu County Agricultural Rural Rural Bureau, Tao Shibao, in recent years, the county has been based on the premise of stabilizing rice, and standardizes the multi-functionality of rice fields, and standardizes development of rice fishing and comprehensive breeding. As of now, the county is developing rice shrimp comprehensive breeding The area is about 100,000 mu, the acres can produce high quality rice 500 kg, lobster 120 kg, 120,000 acres, more than 6,000 yuan, create "an acre of field, thousands of grains, ten thousand yuan" as characteristics Mold.

  The ratio of rice shrimp is 10% red line reporter as seen in He Yangtian’s rice shrimp. It is seen in a unit, and the rice field is excavated by a small lobster culture in the paddy field, and the area does not exceed 10%.

Due to crayfish from shrimp seedling, it takes more than a month, and the earliest can sell the goods in April, and fought in mid-May.

Due to the separation of lobster breeding, the cultivation of crayfish is large, and the price is high.

The crayfish leaves the water, and the monsoon rice is planted.

  It is understood that the county focuses on the righteousness of rice shrimp, and effectively stabilizes the food area, improves food production, and accelerates green development, improves planting benefits, and strengthening work protection, and prevents the promotion of rice fishing integrated models. "tendency. According to the technical indicators and requirements of "Rice Fishing Comprehensive Type Technical Specification", strictly deposit the area of ??the pit area of ??Rice Fishing Comprehensive species, the proportion of red lines, scientific protection and reasonable use of good rice fields, resolutely put the rice field Over-excavation development and other non-glue behavior, stabilize the county rice planting area.

Implement rice fish comprehensive species, rice yarn requirements are not less than 500 kg. At the same time, organize experts and agricultural technicians in a timely manner to produce the first line to help guide the farmers’ implementation technical measures to help farmers solve the practical difficulties in production. Widely carried out publicity of rice fishing comprehensive breeding standardization production model and technology to ensure technical model application scientific norms.

Effectively strengthen organizational management, take effective measures to ensure a established goal of achieving steady grain and increased fishing and high quality efficiency.

  The ecological green circulating species advantage is highlighting "rice shrimp is connected, the advantage is that the fertilizer is double reduction, achieving the ecological green cycle breeding." Huang Town, the rice shrimp, the business household, Wang Fang, said, through a season of crayfish, soil The surface organic matter content is improved, the permeability is enhanced, and the total amount of fertilizer is reduced by 20% -30%; at the same time, weeds and shrimp, using unfained downtime, it has greatly reduced the Evalvirattulus, which reduced The use of pesticides.

  The county firmly establishes the concept of green development, according to the environmental carrying capacity of the resource, and actively develops rice fish comprehensive breeding.

Carry out the use of rice straw returning to promote the repair of rice fields.

Paddy Field fertilizers are mainly organic fertilizer, strictly control fertilizer application.

Pests and disease prevention and control adhere to prevention, reducing chemical pesticides during production, strict control of dosage forms and dosage.

Fishing drugs use non-anti-bacterial and insecticides, and use the dose reasonably. Take advantage of the natural bait of rice fields, scientifically determine the feed for fishing, strictly control the amount of money.

Through scale, standardized production, improve rice quality, promote the production, life and ecological coordinated development of rice shrimp synthesis. The scale is the premise of standardized production.

The county concentrated on the development of rice shrimp comprehensive breeding, the scale of the rice shrimp is mainly distributed in Nanshan, of which about 150 of them are more than 100 mu.

  "After connecting the two-wire three" Raw Shrimp Industry Healthy Development "After the river crab, lobster has quickly become the second major leading industry of farmers’ income." A plurality of agricultural people in the county said that the pace of pneumon shrimp seconds industry is particularly urgent. It should be based on the integration of the one-two-three industries, integrate rice fishing comprehensive species, production materials, management, product processing, brand marketing, etc. Promote the integrated industrialization mechanism of multi-winning rice shrimps.

  Fortunately, this topic has attracted the attention of the relevant departments. Taking the county’s "rice shrimp comprehensive species" Town as an example, the town is close to Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern and South, which is more than 40,000 mu of booming area, is the core area of ??Paddium shrimp industry. Among them, the town has a self-cultivation area of ??10,000 tons of small dragon and shrimp. In order to promote the healthy development of the rice shrimp industry, the town has been around the development of the whole industry chain, the strong market, the holiday, the big investment, and the short board, the Daubu products trading market has become the main market of the county crafts and shrimps. Become a small lobster festival brand in the county. Since this year, the town has reached an intentional cooperation agreement with two crayfish processing companies, and plans to build a first two-three industrial integration development demonstration park with Cai Shan City. It is understood that the county has also moved frequently in the level of the rice shrimp product brand. Cultivate new subjects, guide professional large, family farms, and farmers cooperatives, to make great strength, enhance market competitiveness and industrial driving force; build public brands, food brand creation, completion The declaration of the "Gutu River" brand rice geographical symbol has developed the technical procedures for rice standardization production.

In terms of lobster brand, Dawei Lobster declares the national "geographic logo" certification trademark; construction marketing platform, establish and improve the marketing system of rice shrimp series products, the exhibition of sales systems of rice shrimp series products, and strive to improve product listings and reputation .