Regulate the medical beauty advertisement according to law (the people’s commentary)

  Can you put a good advertisement, the content quality, and directly related the people’s personal interests, and the long-term development of the medical beauty industry has severely hit false illegal medical beauty advertisements to protect consumers legal rights and safeguard the health and life safety significance. .

Recently, the State Market Supervision Administration issued the "Medical Beauty Advertising Law Enforcement Guide (Draft for Comment)", which is intended to rectify the ten behaviors.

  In recent years, medical beauty advertisements continue to heat up.

From the public transport platform, the subway channel poster, the introduction to social networking website, the content platform, from the advertising of film and television variety, the anchor promotion in the live broadcast, the medical beauty advertisement can be said to be a flower, no hole.

Advertising this business behavior, uncomfortable, but false propaganda, excessive publicity, oriental medical beauty advertisement, has crossed the bottom line. For example, some medical beauty advertisements will advocate "painless" "minimally invasive" "fast", to avoid risks, sequelae avoidance without talking; some with so-called famous doctors, the diagnosis, the diagram is a medical beauty effect back book, to lure consumption Some of them will be out of appearance and "high-quality" "diligence" "success" and other improper relationships, and burst the story of "cosmetic change fate" and distort the aesthetic cognition. All such varieties not only promote the bad breath of society, but also easily misleading consumers, covering the risk of hidden medical beauty industry. Today, irregular medical beauty advertisements have become a strong problem with the masses. According to the official website of the China Consumer Association, in 2015 to 2020, the National Consumers Organization has received nearly 14 times more than the medical beauty industry, of which false propaganda is the most concentrated issue of the masses. Can you use a good advertisement to issue, the content quality, and directly related to the interests of the masses, and it is also related to the long-term development of medical beauty industry.

It can be said that it is imperative to say that it is imperative to say that it is imperative.

  Since 2017, the Multi-Party Committee has conducted special actions against illegal medical beauty for many years. Last year, the National Health and Justice Committee, the Market Supervision Administration, etc., jointly issued a notice, standardizing the release of medical beauty advertising, and clarifying medical beauty advertisements to be medical advertisements, non-medical institutions may not release medical advertisements, improved medical advertisements released. threshold. This time, the Market Supervision State Administration specializes in refining requirements for medical beauty advertising law enforcement from content, qualifications, more targeted and operability, showing the determination of resolutely safeguarding the order of medical beauty advertising.

Practice has proved that the supervision department will attack, and the network platform takes the initiative to intercept the illegal violation of the US advertising, multi-party cooperation, and long time, in order to cure the disease in the field of medical beauty advertising.

  Standardize medical beauty advertisements, not only to clear false propaganda, exaggerate their words, etc., but also to rectify malicious marketing for the aesthetic standards and consumption.

In recent years, the blind pursuit of "thinness is the beauty" "extreme, one-sided, single aesthetic orientation of" white beauty ", which is not small, after this back, there is less than the push of poor advertisements in the medical beauty, deliberately guided.

Some institutions have issued medical beauty advertisements with health knowledge and character interviews, and the implantation promotion in the form of "breeding of grass note" "Daren experience", and all kinds of routines have avoided the review and supervision of advertising issuance qualifications and content. American advertising breeds gray space. These medical beauty advertisements have a big way, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of young people.

The comment on the opinion of the opinion of the fake violation of the United States, is to guide the formation of healthy aesthetic concepts in order to contribute to health content. Resist illegal medical advertising, both system, and concept. The heart of love, people are all; why is it as beautiful, see herself. But it is certain that beauty should not be a thousand articles, thousands of people should not pay attention to health. Establish a healthy aesthetic, rational consumption, and need to work together in society. (Editor: Bai Yu, Zhao Xinyue) Share more people to see.