Preparing for a Chinese medical checkup before pregnancy

Preparing for a Chinese medical checkup before pregnancy

“I’ve been relatively poor since I was a kid, and I’m afraid of cold in winter. I hope that my future baby can grow as strong as a cow. Is this possible?

“A young woman sat at the table and looked at me with a hopeful look.

  No matter who they are, they want their baby to be smart and healthy.

Therefore, a pre-marital medical examination is necessary.

On the basis of criminal investigations, such as hereditary diseases, infectious disease screening, etc., it would be better if you could go to a Chinese medicine practitioner and take a TCM medical examination.

Because Chinese medicine practitioners will analyze the physical properties of couples who are preparing to conceive by using methods such as watching, smelling, asking, cutting, etc. to identify their physical attributes, and at the same time, guide their pre-pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, post-natal diet and soup according to the basis.Liquid conditioning.

This is conducive to the growth and development of pregnant women, pregnant women maintain good health during pregnancy, and is conducive to the health of pregnant women after giving birth.

  To prepare for pregnancy, first do a physical analysis of physical fitness, that is, physical fitness, which is both genetically related and affected by the environment.

The reason why people’s health conditions are different is that they are affected by these two aspects.

Orientals’ physique can be divided into nine types, namely: peace, qi deficiency, yin deficiency, yang deficiency, congestion, phlegm and dampness, damp heat, qi depression, and idiosyncrasy.

  Calmness is the best physique.

The peaceful and smooth body shape is relatively uniform, and the qi and blood of the whole body are relatively balanced.

Other constitutions have their own biases, such as qi deficiency, yang deficiency, and yin deficiency.

Because of their different constitutions, different people may react differently if they eat the same thing.

For example, some people will “jump out of youth” as soon as they eat peppers, and a long pile of crickets, some people are uncomfortable without eating peppers; some people have diarrhea as soon as they drink herbal tea, and some people do not drink herbal teaWhy can’t I even speak?

Just because the physiques are different. Imagine that if the expectant mothers and the prospective fathers are not in balance, as if they are both destitute (expressed as whole body fatigue, low voice, lazy speech), then you can expect their baby to be born”Sound like Hong Zhong”, did the cry shock the entire delivery room?

Of course, if the prospective fathers and mothers first clarify their physical fitness before “creating people”, and have already made targeted adjustments, then they will benefit themselves, and their “crystallization” will naturally be of higher quality.

The mother’s body can reach the balance of yin and yang, which can provide a good growth environment for the human body, and the voltage is more likely to form a peaceful quality of yin and yang balance, which is more healthy.

  Rehabilitation time: 3 months before preparing for pregnancy, prospective parents should undergo rehabilitation for more than 3 months (if the constitution is weak, it needs to be appropriately extended).

It must be remembered that it is not a matter of expectant mother alone.

  The basic principle of pre-pregnancy care is to address the weakness of the physique and correct it with the emphasis on the taste of drugs or food.

For example, people with qi deficiency (expressed as weak speech, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc.) need to eat ginseng, astragalus and other Qi-enriching substances.

After the end of each physiological period, expectant mothers with qi deficiency should preferably take some medicinal foods such as ginseng lotus broth.

The specific method is: put 5-15 grams of ginseng, 15 lotus seeds, 50 grams of rock sugar together into a bowl, heat and simmer for 1 hour.

Lotus seeds are astringent, nourishing, can nourish and relieve diarrhea, nourish the kidney and calm the heart, and ginseng can nourish qi.

This medicated diet can improve the effectiveness of upsets, palpitations, physical weakness, or palpitations and insomnia caused by chronic illness.

In addition, they can often drink astragalus tea.

Practice: 50 grams of raw astragalus and 10 jujubes.

Repeatedly fry the tea and soak it.

Tawny itself has the effects of nourishing qi and yang, solidifying antiperspirant, strengthening spleen and nourishing blood, so this tea is suitable for those who have a lacklustre complexion, tiredness, shortness of breath, and those who are sweating.

  Remember to “report” to an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner before clarifying which type of constitution you belong to.

Because of the different methods of conditioning, the diet is different.
Or completely the opposite, the wrong use will damage the body of the prospective parents and affect the baby’s physical balance.

  After careful pre-pregnancy conditioning, expectant mothers can be assured of pregnancy.

After pregnancy, due to the effects of high blood pressure, the physique of expectant mothers may undergo some changes, mainly manifested in the performance of heat to varying degrees, such as body heat, thirst, constipation, etc.

At this time, the original diet and living methods need to be improved.

Therefore, it is best to see Chinese medicine regularly during pregnancy. The purpose is not necessarily to prescribe a prescription, but to know what type of food you should eat more or less during a certain period.