But then no one came here anymore,Because all the cattle in the village are sold out。Plus this is a wasteland,No one came from the village。

Wang Youcai thinks about these old things,Can’t help but smile。He rushed to a clean stone and just sat down,Suddenly there was a footstep behind me。Wang Youcai surprised,Hurriedly looked back,No one else,It’s Chen Gui’s wife Meizi。
The woman is wearing a blouse with plaid,Below is a black skirt。Run to this place,She also wears half-heeled sandals。Wang Youcai takes a look,Could not help but exclaim:“What are you doing here?“
“Hey!This place is not yours,You can come,Why can’t i come?“Meizi said,He twisted his buttocks and sat beside Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai said quietly:“stay away from me,Otherwise they will be seen by others,We jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it”
“Okay, boss Wang!You have few wives,I won’t have more than one!“This plum is becoming more and more presumptuous,She even dared to tell Wang Youcai directly。
Wang Youcai can’t sit still,He really underestimated this woman。He stood up,Walked behind the big tree,He did this because he wanted to stay away from Demeizi。But Meizi didn’t let him hide away,She also stood up,Stood tightly beside Wang Youcai。
“Guilty“Meizi cursed softly,Reached out and pinched Wang Youcai’s ass。It was so painful that Wang Youcai almost cried out。
Meizi just smiled:“You better be honest,What do you think about my job,I don’t want to stay in Xiping Village for a day,You have to hurry up”
“What about Chen Gui after you go?You still think about it,Don’t make a lamb and miss it,All over again”Wang Youcai smiled slightly at Meizi,He lowered his voice and said。
First1203chapter Get what you want
Barren mountain on one side,On one side is the green yarn tent。Just a few big trees,And a couple standing under the big tree。Whoever sees such a scene will think about it。