Soldiers continue to patrol the city-state wall,Officers and soldiers patrolled the streets……

Nothing has changed much,It’s at the ancestors’ platform,Some indignation,Some people who want to walk the way for the sky,I don’t know when it disappeared,Remarks about someone being a star of evil spirits,It also seemed to stop completely at a certain moment。
Rest for a while,Zhu Minglang went to the silver courtyard。
The blue autumn nanmu is still beautiful and colorful,It’s just that there are a few trees that don’t seem to be alive for some reason,Especially those near the left court。
Just before the house,Zhu Minglang saw Lai Yunzi,Meet her eyes。
Her eyes are like a bay of autumn water,Unconsciously makes people fascinated。
If I can spend this long life with the owner of these eyes,Zhu Minglang will not refuse。
“I was confused for a long time……”Li Yunzi spoke first。
Zhu Minglang sit next to her,After a sip of tea,Sit tight,A look of respectful listening。
“Where did Wutu come from。”Li Yunzi said。
“This one……”
“How many years have you been in Wutu?”Lai Yunzi then asked。
“For many years,Just when i was there,Wutu is surrounded by the sea of nothingness,Like an island continent that will slowly float。Not long,It borders the Dongxu Mountain Range in Zulong City State。”Zhu Minglang said。
“The easternmost part of Zulong City State,I visited when I was very young,I clearly remember that there used to be a sea,But in a certain year,Wutu。The first time I stepped into the wasteland,What I see is a kind of backwardness、Primitive and barbaric……”Lai Yunzi continued to narrate。
Shook his head,Lai Yunzi doesn’t know why she wants to talk to Zhu Minglang。