“My sister didn’t say that you can’t do your girlfriend.,My sister is to hug you.。”

Speech,Willow sweetness is gently put the body on the back of Li Hui。
Smell Li Hui Feng, the sun is average,Willow sweet feels that he seems to have returned to the childhood,I thought about myself.,I thought about chasing my own teenage.。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Liu Xu is so bold.。
His body can’t help but feel a stiffness,He wants to active。
Because the other party does not wear protective measures,Plus this is summer,He is thinnerTShirt,The other party rely on the instant,He can clearly feel the difference between the other party.。
Willow sweetness is naturally a sense of stiffness of Li Hui’s body.。
This makes her boldly,At the same time, she also feels that her choice is right.,Li Hui is very likely to be a place,Otherwise it will not be so nervous.。
Gently, she can’t help it.,This moment of instant letting her hear a tremble.。
Li Hui also felt that the other party was too much。
He as Sun Yaru’s arrival,He has nowhere to vent in recent days, but he has nowhere to vent.,And these abnormalities in Liu Xu is obviously in the fire.,Let him burned in an instant。
“Sweet sister,Don’t mess up,If you have a charm, I can’t help but some bad ideas.。”
Li Hui said this,Work hard to swallow a mouthful of water。
But Liu Xianxamei listened to this,The beauty is even more exciting.,What she want is the result?,I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng will respond to her now.。
“Gill your sister likes your bad ideas,If you have something,Just put those ideas into action.。”
Say,Liu Xujian hugged a pair of jade hands in Li Hui Feng to slow downwards。
Chapter 441
Just when the willow sweet feeling is about to touch the place where he should not touch,Li Hui’s pair of big hands are dead, caught her jade hand.。
Then work hard to turn around,Although everything is good in front of you,But some principles do not do what does he feel?。
“Sweet sister,You don’t want this way,I admit that you are very beautiful.,Very charming,I also admit that I can’t control myself.。”
Li Hui said this,Both the eyes are some of the idea that I can’t control it. I want to conquer each other.。
Willow sweetly saw Li Hui Feng this model,The charm of the eyes is more obvious。
“It’s fine,Sister, you can’t control you.。”
Said that a pair of white clands are tightly entangled on the neck of Li Hui Feng.,Then gently 惦,The red lips of rose, and there is a lip of Li Hui’s lips.。
It’s just that Li Hui is hiding.。
“Sweet sister,I haven’t finished it yet.,I really have to be with you.,I just harm you.,You have not divorced yet.,You do this, you are bad.,I still have something,I have to go back first.。”
After that, Li Hui ran directly and running out.。
“Lee,You will come back.。”
Willow sweet, I didn’t expect that I did this.,Li Hui is actually still。
Li Huihe heard this,It is also stopped to stop。