“so what?”

“Before death,Just based on curiosity,Come see you again。”Li Tianzhen’s tone is extremely flat,Facing the bowstring that has been slowly opened,He has no fear at all,Shan Col vs. Kindred,All his cards,But still nothing can be saved,The only possible support,It was released from the Demon Suppression Tower‘Son of Metaverse’,But it seems impossible right now。
“Ha ha,Not reconciled?”Shadow sneer,“Can you ask me to help you。”
“Don’t misunderstand,After seeing you,I knew when we returned to the Galaxy,What kind of virtue are you,Not interesting at all。”Give up,The faint eyes of the sky disappeared。
“The worst is that you die in front of Lao Tzu,What are you proud of?”‘Son of Metaverse’Furious,But I can’t find Li Tianzhen’s position anymore,This is Li Tianzhu’s world,Whatever the forest、grassland、Earth,Mountains and everything,In fact, only one consciousness of the other party is enough to obliterate him,But he didn’t do that,I just came here to check what it looked like when I returned to Xinghe?
“What does it mean?!”‘Son of Metaverse’Angry roar。
“Fight to die,Just like Dayan。”After this voice floated in the sky,The space is hot,The airflow under the clear sky has been swelling insignificantly。
“But you are not qualified。”
‘Son of Metaverse’Look into the distance,Although there are thousands of miles away,He still saw Dayan’s illusory body,Because his eyes can penetrate space like Yuan Huang’s arrows,Dayan, this lunatic is really on his way,Die if you want,He is unmoved,But the last sentence stimulated him。
Hit by Li Tianzhen,Yes‘Son of Metaverse’The most sensitive place in my heart,Finally made him furious,He was born from the metaworld,I’m fighting non-stop,Fighting is his main way of being,No need for god of war、The name of the war demon,But once became synonymous with destruction,Li Tianzhen’s so-called definition of ineligibility is actually the most serious insult to it。
“You come out!”
The voice echoed in the vast space,But no one cares about him,The injured monsters were imprisoned in the mountains by Li Tianzhen,‘Son of Metaverse’I didn’t even want to kill monsters to vent their anger,But besides,No other creatures,If it is reluctant to count,The burning Dayan counts as half,All his mind and body are in the external battle。
Can’t find Li Tianzhu’s soul,Maybe it was hidden in another space,then‘Son of Metaverse’More angry,Once wanted to shoot the Yuan Huang arrow in his hand into the sky,But it’s no wonder,In the world of others,He is always just a passive prisoner,Plus the existence of the soul contract,He is not even a prisoner,Small and pitiful。
But a guy really showed up,‘Son of Metaverse’I didn’t understand how the other party came to Li Tianzhu’s gods.,But he was born bored and fearful of this person,A very illusory、Very evil head,No matter what kind of monsters in the world see, they have a headache,Sun Tiangang。
“Are you a turtle here??”Expressionless,The voice is also extremely cold。
“Why would I let you out??”
“Old bastard,You don’t want to irritate me,Means in the magic tower,You dare not use it here。”If this world still has‘Son of Metaverse’Jealous guy,Sun Tiangang is one of the very few,Although he pointed the arrow at this disgusting head,But it’s not like being full of murderous intent when facing Li Tianzhen,It’s not as full of desire to fight when facing other powerful opponents.,He feels his hands are shaking,But the bowstring can no longer be pulled。