Lu Menglin stood up,Stretched a big waist,Relaxed and cozy。

At this moment,The door opened,Two other investigators walked in。
They saw what Lu Menglin looked like,Frowned。
But the investigator surnamed Sun yelled with a smile on his face:“Task completed!This kid has explained everything!Recognized more than 20 million,Let him go!”
When the investigator surnamed Sun said this,,The face is full of triumphant expressions,Especially when he saw the stunned faces of the two companions,I feel more happy。
Explain that he is better than his companions,Otherwise I won’t be the team leader。Now they finally know how good the old man is!
The other two investigators in black suits hurried to Team Leader Sun’s side,Glance over the transcript,The two couldn’t help showing their expressions of admiration。
“Wait!Three comrades,I have a small request。”No one thought,The Lu Menglin who was interrogated,Dare to make a request。
All three of them fell their faces,Watching Lu Menglin vigilantly,The smile disappeared suddenly。
“take it easy,I was thinking you guys don’t let me out so soon。Otherwise Jiang Zhou will know that I have a problem。Or i stay two more days?Just report peace to home。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Three people,The truth is right,But this kid is really weird!Double-regulated person,I always cried and called my mother to leave,This kid is addicted?
“No way!Our investigation mission is completed,Leaving this place soon!”Investigator surnamed Sun frowned,I always feel a little weird in my heart,Refuse directly。
They never regarded this kid as a companion,The opponent should be the prey,Is fish,Who is close to you?
“So!Or you go yours,I find a place to stay for two days,Anyway, don’t let people know that I was released so soon,Do you guys see it??”Lu Menglin smiled。
“That’s your business!Don’t talk to us!”The investigator surnamed Sun turned out to be ruthless,Got the confession I wanted,Put away the smile immediately,I’m not interested in contacting Lu Menglin anymore。
“Row,Row!Let’s just say it!to cooperate in work,Must cooperate!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。