Nan Fei Yu listened, eyes are not always consciously go looking barrage.

  Royal her mother: anchor finally appeared, ooo, ooo, the future can not just turn off live!
  Happy Fish: Loo days, the big chest南宁桑拿论坛 sister Yan good value high, anchor anchor, Who is she?To do so will kill?
  Star Grand Marshall: Yeah Mom, there is a small fresh meat!Anchor it on?!
  Money is not the problem: want to see the big chest sister!
  Overbearing president: a reward a million, he helped me look at the big chest sister Boo.
  Lin Yi Connaught (anchor): I am a woman!!female!!
  ”Keke cough.”Nan Fei Yu frightened, fully able to feel the roar of mind at this time Lin Yi Connaught.
  She looked Lin Yi Connaught, found that she had not see the barrage, it is blushing to clean the wound Huo Qian.
  Qian also Huo head down, thin lips sip straight into cold, the appearance of a self-closing.
  She glanced at grips with the mountain rabbit Mu Ye, attention will finally fall on the party survived on the body, the body crouched beside him.
  Huo Qian attention to the corner of her movements, could not help turning round, dark eyes staring straight into her back, can not wait to take her on fire!
  Color female.
  Lin Yi promise while holding gauze, while glanced at the audience’s comments.
  Money is not the problem: this small meat eyes, awesome, okay!
  Mermaid Tinker: It was murderous!He likes big chest sister!Feeling party last month would die in his hands!
  Sentinel Gangster: anchor anchor, you are playing Battle Royale ah, you are not a doctor!It can be dedicated point?I’m furious!
  Long Teng General: anchor, pick up your weapons and kill them!