like Shaya?”

  ”You just did not see that kid?The child children particularly like our childhood home Erye!”
  ”Is it?”This is a doorman though I Hsiao Hou Fu’s home life, but it was no teen years, Xiao Yu know where to look like a child, listening to Zhou Wang told杭州夜网论坛 himself, there is no concept.
  ”is not that right?I was looking at our Er Ye grew up the child Hutouhunao look, really carved out with our Er Ye child a mold, and if those who do not know the exact details, see this child, we will certainly be mistaken Er Ye’s son too!”
  Zhou Wang never again think, after lamenting finished, then welcome to the.
  Wen nine followed the servant, went to the door of the inner chamber, it is a change for the Old Woman leading the way towards Xiao went Houfu of Eastern Hospital.
  Xiao Hou Fu is the capital of a century family, this house landscape than land house, it is magnificent, just from the door to the inner chamber moment spent here more minutes.
  Xiao Houfu of people, but also all kind of mouthTight, that Old Woman cited Wen nine into Eastern Hospital, along the way did not say anything, just 苏州夜网quietly walked with her.
  This East yard, not the outside, as there are so many rocks vegetation, does have a lot of flat land, the place seems to be the former, as a martial arts venues.
  Wen nine think of it, she heard Lu Liang Xiao Hou Fu introduced the situation of Xiao Yu above and a brother, named Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi is young on this famous generals, here is Xiao Yi’s residence, there are martial arts the place is quite normal.
  Wen nine follow-water bottle and walked a distance of about seven or eight meter, this time, to see a similar martial arts gathering place where stood two men.
  One, wearing a jacket, like a bodyguard, the way he stood next to the martial arts fi