in duck dream continued, “and so on, the sheet turned over numerous voice sounded almost no time to stop.Kankan less than about an hour later, he was probably counting, actually climbed no less than twenty.

  Now that her hands, then turn to an end this alre杭州桑拿ady, rummaging new prime hand used to lift the words of this, look at her out of that book, bibliography seems to be.”Reunion”?
  Shen night just got a new random words present, yet a closer look vaguely feel like a fierce light came from behind through the back.Subconsciously twisting to look back, see behind the row of shelves full of books full to the brim of the pile, no other abnormalities, side 苏州桑拿网guard put down, slow the slow God, will again look back on this in the new words.
  Frowned and turned over the sink, then this evening nature unaware that a very significant step away footsteps that stepping.
  See that Shashen Bookstore treasurer of black-out, suddenly still fear still scared, I do not know what provoked him at the unhappy.
  Immediately behind him out of the nine Qin to take the occasion Bookstore, inexplicable looked at the rear side of the back shelves, touched his chin thoughtfully.
  Bookstore from out side Shen late to go back sides in recent days to read the summary income.Overall in the environment of this husband guides wife, romance, then this is also probably the male interests, is also probably written by some men left hold the right owner, called the woman to swallow or virtuous generosity, harmony wives fin南宁桑拿al round round plot.
  As that the “reunion”, abjection scholar Beijing exam, results to be published once high school champion, was caught under official standings husband had abandoned the family first wife, and marry another princess, since onward and upward.First wife Qianli Xun husband, after learning that her husband is putting a last resort, very considerate, but also good enough for conscious now become old senior husband Lang at the moment superior, self please Xiatang.After learning that the princess quite tolerant, did not promise her Xiatang, banished only concubine wife, wi