Turn on the Skin Monitor to see the fine lines killer_1

Turn on Skin Monitor to see fine-grained killers

With the aging of the skin, its moisturizing effect and barrier function gradually weaken, and the content of natural moisturizing factors also decreases. The physiological aging of the skin and the long-term contraction of the eye muscles will be greatly accelerated by long-term dryness and lack of waterThe production of skin and the lack of sebaceous glands around the eyes make dryness the most easily encountered problem, which is why the fine lines are the first reason to patronize the eyes.
  Let’s take a look at how fine lines are generated?
Dry and cold climate, sun, high humidity, low humidity and other factors.
Environmental and chemical factors, such as detergents, soaps, detergents and other organic solvents such as alcohol, and long-term air-conditioning environments.
Eating and sleeping habits, such as partial food, drinking less water, insomnia, etc.
Dry skin, or physical aging of the skin, and long-term contraction of eye muscles.
Occupation: Frequent exposure to grease, chlorinated hydrocarbons (such as PCBs) due to work.
Usually the corners of the eyes are dry, and there is no texture when the eyes are not used. It is enough to use eye cream with moisturizing function to deal with dry lines.
  But don’t underestimate fine lines, “fine lines” are also very cunning, there are real and fake fine lines.
So, how to distinguish true and false fine lines?
  Pseudo fine lines  Population: 17-25 years old Symptoms: fine lines around the eyes and mouth corners Causes: Mainly caused by expressions, skin dehydration, irregular life, and insufficient sleep.
Reflected on the face are the fine lines, which can solve skin problems with hydration because of the dry fine lines.
  People with fine lines: from 25 years old, especially after 35 years old. Symptoms: smile lines and dry lines appear, wrinkles gradually appear.
  Reason: Fine lines are also “natural enemies” of women, but everyone can’t stop the passage of time.
Problems such as thin skin and sagging eyelids.
  In this dry and dry season, thin, sensitive skin around the eyes is prone to fine lines.
For the beauty of MM, subtle maintenance is the top priority!
Be sure to choose an eye cream that works for you!
  Sensitive Skin Care Hydrating Cream RMB330 / 15ml Soothe and calm the eye skin and protect it from external stimuli.
It can be used safely around the skin and absorbs quickly and effectively.
Ophthalmologist tests to reduce eye puffiness, dark circles and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Strengthens the eye’s fragile skin resistance.
Soothes, soothes eye skin and protects it from external irritation.
It can be safely used around the eyes and absorbs quickly and effectively.
  FREEDAY Skin明媚紧致眼霜 RMB150/30g  精选多种天然植物萃取精华,特别添加了抗衰老及保湿效果显著的辅酶Q10成分,有效紧致眼周肌肤,减轻黑眼圈、眼袋,淡化眼周肌肤黑色素Calm.
Using immune-activating bioactive technology, the nutrients in the eye cream penetrate into the skin of the eye, start the regeneration of human cells, stimulate the skin to produce interleukins, and cell promoting factors and epidermal cell growth factor (EGF) significantly improve blood microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue around the eye.
  OPAL Balanced Hydrating Eye Cream RMB150 / 20g A new type of frozen honey eye cream, which makes the eye skin beautiful and full of vitality.
Replenishes moisture to dry and dehydrated eye skin, improves dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and dullness.
  Body Shop Elderberry Eye Gel RMB130 / 15ml A cool astringent gel containing elderflower and witch hazel extract can make fragile eye skin fresh and refreshed.
Can tighten tired eyelids and wrinkled eyes, help reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, and make eyes full of vitality.
  Fu Lifang Si nourishing night renewing moisturizing eye cream RMB320 / 20g Contains grapefruit extract, which can improve dark circles during sleep, has a moisturizing effect on the eye mask, and the baby’s water storage fat can form a protective film on the surface of the skin and give eye elasticity.
Promote blood circulation around the eyes, focus on care for dull skin around the eyes, quickly adjust the texture, and effectively improve small fine lines.
  契尔氏(科颜氏)牛油果眼霜 RMB480/15ml   含丰富滋润的维他命A、E、及牛油果油,能为脆弱的眼部周围皮肤作出眼部修护的功能,独特的双重保湿及不移位配方,合滋养The ingredients can be adhered to the skin of the eye and will not ooze out. The skin therefore gets the maximum degree of moisture. The formula has been tested by ophthalmologists and is suitable for everyone, especially those wearing contact lenses.   Estee Lauder Condensing Eye Cream RMB480 / 15ml helps the skin around the eyes to resist dark circles, keeps the eyes always looking, and also effectively diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and moisturizes the skin.

Double the effect, resist the aging of time, and unknowingly take away your eyes, from now on, you can stop time.