Beijing Changping case work unit has gradually resumed completion of completion of completion of regular prevention and control measures

People’s Network Beijing August 24 (Pool Dream) This afternoon, Beijing held an epidemic prevention and control of the 241st routine press conference. Zhu Li Zhiji, deputy director of Changping District, Beijing. On the evening of July 28th, after Beijing, the Changping District has a local confirmed case, insisted on fasting, from stricting, accurate Metei, and I have made a good effort to prevent and control all the efforts, and there is no local case. The region has all been unsaled, and the medium-risk area is achieved.

The relevant situation will be notified as follows: After the sealing situation of the sealing area, after the diagnosis of the Beijing-Disease-related confirmed cases, under the guidance of the city’s disease control experts, Changping District, Long Yingyuan, Long Yueyuan, Longzeyuan Street, Longyueyuan, Longyeyuan, Lilongyu, and surrounding 9 communities , 2 risk points, and case work units implement closed management, resolutely block the spread of the epidemic.

During the sealing period, Changping District has made a good job in personnel management, nucleic acid testing, service guarantee, humanistic care, etc. After in line with the universal conditions, the Disease Control Expert Group strictly assesss, as of August 21, it has been scientific and orderly released. All sealing areas.

Among them: 9 cells and 2 risk points around the case residential place, in 14 days closed control, all staff 4 nucleic acid detection and environmental test results are negative, no new cases and positive point appearances I have been unsealed at 0 on August 12th. For the case work unit, after conforming to the above universal conditions, part of 8 is part of 0:00 (other high-risk point, released on August 21). For the case where the case residential Longyueyuan, II, who meets 21 days of closed control, all personnel 7 nucleic acid detection and environmental testing results are negative, no new cases and positive points, etc., is 0 During the decoration.

After the resiliency of the production and life recovery, the production and life recovery situation is introduced. On the day of the sealing community, we released the "a letter to resident friends" in the resident WeChat group, suggesting that the residents did not "solve the defense" Requirements, cooperation with 7 days of health monitoring, no need to leave the country, not necessarily from Beijing, do not go to the high-risk area, etc., have been fully recognized and cooperative, forming a good social response. In order to facilitate residents to fill in the body temperature and health, the street design launched a health monitoring applet, and the residents can fill in the body temperature, health status through the mobile phone. Under the conscious participation of the majority of residents, he successfully completed health monitoring. For the universal residential area, on the basis of appropriate increase the number of brackets, the optimization of the bayonet setting, strictly implement the "four sets", and the entry and export personnel consciously cooperate with the bayonet management. From the current point of view, after the sealing area is universal, the production and life of the residents is steadily ordered, and the "smoke gas" in the past is gradually returned. According to the relevant requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, the case work unit has gradually resumed complex production, implementing normal epidemic prevention and control measures, and the entrance and exit is strictly implemented, and the requirements for temperature measurement, scanning code, and the overall operation is overall and orderly.

Yan Li Zhi said that the next step will continue to strictly implement the requirements of the epidemic prevention policy, compress the "four-party responsibility", do not laverse the epidemic prevention and control work, and tighten the external defense input, internal defense The fence rebounded ", consolidating deepening, unprystable prevention and control results, resolutely safeguarding the health and safety and social stability of the masses. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.