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  March 2 early morning, the Shenzhen Luohu Port voices.

Immigration hall, the former self-border passage, a "brush" Hong Kong and Macao, the first channel gate opens, press your finger on the second pass gate fingerprint machine, complete automated border crossing exit procedures.

The entire clearance process takes only 5 seconds! Lo Wu Control Point passengers reached over 30 million passengers every day, electronic documents, automated border crossing refresh clearance rate.

  The same day, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Entry-Exit Rush Hall, Guangzhou people Lvhao Hui hurried into the first floor area self-Rush, saw her generation ID card scanned on the machine, enter the information, "click" is heard, good endorsement Hong Kong and Macao to "spit out", the whole process less than 1 minute. Lvhao Hui said that this automatic machine income accreditation certificate, payment, the whole process of self-evidence, convenient and fast. A small document witnessed the development and changes of the immigration service of citizens.

  In recent years, immigration processing volume in Guangdong annual rate of around 20% annually, doubling the amount of five-year accreditation. In 2014, Guangdong Entry-permit total volume reached 37.5 million, an average of more than 160,000 working days for each of this document.

Guangdong Public Security Exit-Entry Administration team, less than 13% of the immigration police force, the number of immigration documents accounted for 1/3 of the country. With limited police resources, how to expand space for convenience services, to enhance the ability to serve the people? Indulge in physical strength to fight, work longer hours, unsustainable. Guangdong Public Security Exit-Entry Administration on innovation efforts, relying on scientific and technological progress, has developed a "accreditation easy" (to apply for exit documents for an endorsement), "easy to apply" (apply for e-passports, e-EEP, mainland residents traveling to Taiwan Pass) "JET payment" (self-service payment), "endorsement easy" (self-pay and print electronic exit permits endorsement), self-issuing machines and set application, payment, query functions in one of the "self-service machine," a large number of self-help Rush equipment.

  How to let the people run errands less and less waiting for? Guangdong Public Security Exit-Entry Administration relies on network information system has been built, and continue to simplify the application materials, application procedures and approval process, innovative "network-based, multi-channel, all-weather, cross-regional, the whole process," the accreditation service mode, the counter-service to extend online services. Now, the applicant need only an ID card, an application form, you can apply for the required documents and a one-time endorsement.

Hong Kong and Macao endorsement again, you can apply online through channels such as self-service applications, without having to fill in a form, no photos, no certificate hall to line up throughout the day at any time, as long as there is a network in place, one minute you can be "fixed."

  Statistics show that by using the "Rush easy" "front on" "network e Czech Republic," "easy to apply" "JET Payment" and other convenient service measures, the applicant accepts the average waiting time to obtain a permit from the past 120 minutes reduced to 10 minutes.

Rush acceptance channels accept from a single window to seven species, before "line up to take a few days to accept No." "run a card must be ranked teams several times" phenomenon no longer exists. With the popularity of smart phones and the application of mobile Internet, the Guangdong Public Security Exit-Entry Administration efforts to explore the "Rush fingertips."

Use "Guangdong police pass – Immigration Connection" software, as long as the applicant fingertips, you can easily use the phone for all types of business entry and exit.

  Reporters in Guangdong Entry-Exit Administration certificate hall to see the 24-hour self-service hall set in the permit area, again apply for Individual Visit Scheme endorsement of the masses can be submitted directly on the self-service equipment certificates, payment, for the completion of evidence. Hall on the first floor also arranged for a special admissibility jobs, solve problems and older people with reduced mobility Rush.

  Simplify the application procedures, processing channels has increased, shortening the processing time – the most direct beneficiaries of the masses. "In the past go abroad to do a card to fill out many forms, pay a lot of material, run a lot of times, we have to wait a long time.

Now a lot of convenience, going abroad is becoming increasingly easy. "A child in a foreign country is often necessary because the immigration of people of Guangzhou said.