Ask for a group

On the eve of the 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Party, the provincial party committee launched the "Meeting Party Conference, written a new chapter", and the public, the road, asked the people.

In the past few days, all walks of life, the "golden age" of each channel, and good suggestions come one after another. Ask the Ministry of the people, gaining the policy. Over the years, the important time nodes of each time, the provincial party committee has launched such a "self-selected action", fully reflecting the policies or guide of the provincial party committee to respect the people’s first spirit, reflecting the people centered on people. The concept of development, more reflects the logic of social development progress: went to height, the more you want to get over.

From the elimination of the millennium, the absolute poor is fully built; from the extensive development of "stupid black and crude", it is in the national and the world’s leading pillar industry; from the depths of the inland, many industries are in the low end of the industry chain. Tighten the "one part", implement the "Three High Sixth New" strategy, dedicated to high quality development … Today’s Hunan, stationed in the new development starting point. Towards the second "one hundred years of struggle", accelerate the construction of modern New Hunan, Hunan high-quality development, has already entered our vision. Realize high-quality development, can’t invent "big wisdom" in the people.

There is no doubt that our future is to face and solve the "big topic" "big article" – implement "three high four new", dedication to the revitalization of rural villages, seek common prosperity, promote education fair, strengthen people’s livelihood guarantee, etc. New challenges, new explorations, need to bring together the intelligence support of the whole society. Let more "underlying wisdom" into forward-looking, strategic "top design"; let the "macro thinking" link more "microscopic perspectives", "big topic" research can be more thorough, "big The writing of the article is more exciting. "From the masses, go to the masses", the mass route, has achieved our party’s 100-year brilliant; to the future road, it is still an important magic weapon that we burn hard and continue to write brilliant.

"The era is a verans, we are the answer to the people, the people are the walker." The people of the people have a good life to the party’s struggle.

How to develop in the future? It is difficult to solve the people’s problems and satisfy the people’s masses.

The problem in future development is not evasive, only the clear answer is found in the people. Similarly, asking the process of counting the people is closely related to the people, listening to the people’s voice, responding to the vivid practice of the people’s expectation, is the growth of political wisdom, the enhancement of the government, and the enhancement of the people’s affairs is deeply rooted in the people’s creative practice. The reason is to constantly solve the specific embodiment of the most direct and most realistic interests.

The masses are real heroes.

In the practice of "Guangkai Road", many "golden age" from the grassroots masses, the work line, good recommendations are adopted, and successfully practiced.

This time, we look forward to having more, better "golden age" into the party conference, and taking out "Gold Fruit". (Zhu Yonghua) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Yingbing) Sharing let more people see client downloads.