Submarine flushing consumption potential (economic focus)

  In the first half of the year, the economy continued to stabilize, stabilized, and the consumer recovery momentum continued to increase, and some consumption upgrades were maintained rapidly."Behind the consumption upgrade, the market segment is increasingly obvious, personalized, and diverse consumption will become an important trend of consumption growth." Zhao Ping, deputy dean of the China Trade Promotion Institute.

  Relevant research reports show that many sub-divisions of young people such as small towns, female consumers, elderly consumers have entered the trillion market, release strong consumption potential.Various types of consumer groups continue to emerge "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, uplink!" With the password of the anchor, the residents of Zhangcun Town, Weihai City, Shandong Province quickly clicked down the link.

"I like fitness, just bought a fascia gun, this is the new product I saw in the live broadcast. In the small town life, shopping is also convenient. When I don’t work, I will see live broadcast, some price Very real, there are many new products.

"In recent years, the young people have shown strong consumption will.

Analysis of the "Small Town Youth Consumption Research Report" released by "Watch" News Weekly 2020, relatively, second-tier cities, small urban residents’ rigid living costs are relatively low in disposable revenue, many factors make them prefer to consume, more power Consumption.

  Not only is the small consumption demand in small towns, but the current new consumer groups in my country are constantly emerging.

Zhao Ping said: "In general, the current consumer market is increasingly divided.

In the process of consumption upgrade, market division is mainly based on multiple dimensions such as geography, family stages, gender, income, including single groups, female consumers and elderly consumers belong to a typical subdivision consumer group. "Rent a single apartment, point" one person to eat "takeaway, take a look at the video at home after get off work, listening to the online class on the weekend, Yangyang, Yangyang, Yangpu District, 35 years old, has lived in Shanghai for 12 years.

There is a report of research institutions to show that 42% of them are willing to consume their own consumption, more than 27% of non-single consumers, and the consumption potential of single groups cannot be underestimated.

  Whealth holidays, major e-commerce platforms have to launch special marketing activities for different people, stimulating consumption.

Before and after the Women’s Day this year, the e-commerce platform fully excavated women’s consumption potential.

More than 20,000 brand sales of an e-commerce platform increased by more than 100% year-on-year, and an e-commerce platform fashion home makeup sleeve increased by 13 times year-on-year. Before and after children’s Day, children’s special boxing gloves, children’s motorcycle helmets, sports balance cars, travel safety seats, camping tents are significantly higher. In addition, the consumer market that serves the elderly is also beginning to grow. The change of life concepts and the improvement of living standards, so that the consumption structure and consumption needs of the elderly are generally presented, diversified, personalized, and convenient. The relevant department predicts that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the national elderly population will exceed 300 million, and the consumption of this group also has a huge potential.

  Consumption upgrade drives consumption subdivision "to buy things in the past, practical, now you have to pick up the quality is good.

"The residents of Tangyuan County, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, said," For example, buy air conditioners, it will be quick to see the cooling in the refound, now there is more, such as noise is big, it is not convenient to clean, there is no air purification function Wait.

This year, I plan to change the air conditioner in my house, let my parents use new products. "With the information of the information, the information learned through the Internet is increasingly comprehensive, the needs of young people in the frontier and small towns have increased significantly on quality consumption. At present, the home appliance industry is in the transition period, intelligence, and health into a new label for home appliances in the county and township market.

"The person in charge of an e-commerce platform said.

  Ren Xingzhou, researcher, research institute of the State Council Development Research Center, believes that consumption upgrade is a higher quality requirement.

During the upgrade process, the market is getting more and more important. In the future, who will draw the consumer portraits, more and more, the faster who is developing.

  According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first half of the year, the retail sales of national physical commodities increased year-on-year, and the growth rate increased a percentage point in the same period in the previous year; the average growth percentage of two years was increased in the first quarter. From the development of postal express delivery industry related to online shopping, as of early July this year, my country’s express delivery capacity exceeded 50 billion pieces, close to 2018 full-year traffic. The online retail is rapidly increased, and a lot of consumption data is accumulated. "Through these data, you can see the precision of consumer group division. For example, the consumption of the consumption is more socialized, and the consumption orientation is more socialized," these characteristics are obvious. "Li Mingtao, Dean of China International E-Commerce Center Research Institute. Promoting the market for supply and demand in the market. Currently, my country’s consumer market is more and more groups. To meet these consumers’ personalized, subdivided demand, the production organization on the supply side must also change, focus on the demand for subdivision Companies will usher in more development opportunities.

  The person in charge of the Liangjia Pudi Products R & D Division said: "Now the standardized product is difficult to meet the different needs of consumers.

Let’s do addition, let a hand down.

In response to the demand for segment, it is necessary to provide specific products for pregnant women, maternal, children, and elderly; simultaneously decrease the sugar, reduce the oil, reduce salt, and subtractive and subtraction ‘, pay more attention to food. "There are also many merchants to capture business opportunities from single groups:" One person can eat barbecue "" One person to eat hot pot "is very popular; small family and small household appliance sales are rapidly increased in the home appliance market; small apartment single apartment lease Strong demand; traditional merchants have also launched small packaging products, 1 catties of rice, 500 ml edible oil, etc.

  However, there are also some merchants to subdivision as a marketing.

Some products for baby, the old man’s products are only changed, but there is no intrinsic function difference. For example, some items have a lot of "children", but there are many prices, but they do not necessarily have special functions for children’s groups. Experts said that the emergence of new consumer groups worthwhile.

But only to truly understand the consumer demand of different groups, adjust the product and service, and promote supply and demand matching to better excavate consumption potential. Zhao Ping suggested that manufacturing enterprises can improve the supply chain system, using large data systems to carry out re-customization of C2M (user directly-flux manufacturing), digital, networking from product development, price development, channel selection and advertising promotion, etc. Improve consumer satisfaction.