“Officer Lee,Trouble you so much today,I treat you to lunch。”From the elevator,Chen Xiu politely talk about it。

“We have rules,Can’t take the masses one by one,Not to eat or drink。”Lee
148 Underground auction
“I’m mad,It’s okay to take money to hit you?This money is from your batch of antiques before us‘Monastic auction house’Auction proceeds。”
When it comes to business matters,Gong Daoming changed the playboy’s bohemian look,Very seriously:“All said‘Troubled times gold,Shengshi Antique’,I didn’t expect antiques to sell better than jade。
This time the auction is the same as there are no bids,I guess even the urinals of Empress Dowager Cixi will be auctioned,This group of people must be robbed wildly。”
“You want to be beautiful,According to legend, the urinal of Empress Dowager Cixi is a large hollow sculpture made of emperor green,Its own value plus historical significance,I can’t get it back without a billion。”Chen Xiu said。
“I drop obediently,Really urinals are
149 Do your best
This underground auction was held in an abandoned factory in the suburbs,Looks tattered outside,Inside, it’s gorgeously decorated,Authentic Persian carpet、Crystal chandelier,Buffet style restaurant,There are even bunny girls in light clothes holding drinks and interspersed in between。
“Lying,I know the auction,I don’t know, I thought you brought me to that place。”Chen Xiu said。
Gong Daoming doesn’t care about Chen Xiu’s complaints,To the assistant behind:“record,The next time our auction starts, we will also learn from them to make a cocktail party like this,Our buffet food is richer than theirs,Don’t save caviar or something,Our girls wear less than them。”
Assistant seriously