“This is your first trophy,With water properties,Will help you。”Zhu Minglang put this 500-year-old lizard water demon soul bead to Xiao Ye Jiao’s mouth。

Ono Jiao swallowed it,But still looks a little inferior。
Are just born creatures,The little black dragon killed a group effortlessly,It tried all its strength to kill one。
“Are you injured??”Zhu Minglang asked。
Xiao Ye Jiao hides his tail in the water,Dare not show it。
Zhu Minglang came closer,See it has a big cut on its tail,Almost bit the bone,Almost broke。
Bandage the wound on its tail,At this time, the little black dragon walked to the side of Xiaoye Jiao,Then yelled a few times,It seems to be communicating with Xiao Ye Jiao……
Xiao Ye Jiao can’t understand what it says。
Zhu Minglang smiled,Translated to Xiao Ye Jiao:“Black teeth tell you,When it first fought,Was chased and killed by a two-hundred-year-old catfish,It was Zhan Jiaolong’s help that killed the demon spirit,You can defeat a 500-year-old demon spirit by your own strength,It’s amazing。”
Xiao Ye Jiao’s narrow eyes are watching the little black dragon。
Little black dragon grinning,Showing a good dragon tooth,Obviously,It welcomes new friends to join。
Zhu Minglang is treating Xiaoye Jiao’s wounds carefully,The little black dragon began to imitate with gestures,Introducing other partners to Xiao Ye Jiao,It also scares Xiaoye Jiao,There is a Morphed Dragon in the Spirit Realm,It’s Dragon King,I like eating young dragons the most,Extremely uncomfortable……
The horrible thing about the Dragon,Frightened Xiaoye Jiao for a while。
Zhu Minglang raise his hand,Gave little black dragon a chestnut。
“Don’t scare it,Go nearby and see if there are detoxification herbs,Chewed up,Help apply it to the poisoned wound。”I wish Minglang said to the little black dragon。
This guy,Is real leather。