He felt a little uneasy!

What a talent this is……
It’s a pity that Fang Yu had problems with his hands before,Don’t even have a chance to observe。If it’s those three years,Fang Yu has a chance。
Not so jerky at the beginning!
“This time it’s really thanks to you……”
Outside the operating room,Doctor Qiu saw Fang Yu who was resting。
Brought a cup of coffee!
“I prefer to drink tea!”
Fang Yu refused。
But still picked up coffee and drank。
“I’m still interested next time to come to practice it.?As long as you have a problem……You will be the chief!I know you are good at ancient medicine,But we can also study western medicine!”
Doctor Qiu said。
“thank you for your kindness……If I want to have an operation。Dongyu also has many opportunities!”Fang Yu refused。