Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Ok!I’m afraid to sit down,Can’t go back today“Xia Jian’s words amused Lin Ling。

Xie Lan cooking,Lin Xu and Lin Ling are going to beat her,Thus,Xia Jian can only sit in the living room and watch TV。Listening to their family laughing and laughing in the kitchen,Xia Jian was very happy too。
Xie Lan is a little slower in cooking,But the dishes are really colorful and flavorful。I can see her cooking is good,It’s just a little less hands-on,May be a little rusty。
Serving the table,A few people started drinking。Lin Ling has gone through this incident today,I worship Xia Jian even more。Not only did she toast Xia Jian again and again,I still drink desperately。A good bottle of wine,See the bottom soon。
Wine is never lacking for big bosses like Lin Xu,But he soon discovered,My daughter Lin Ling wants to get drunk。So he smiled and said:“As the saying goes,Don’t be speculative。Lin Ling drinking like this seems to regard Xia Jian as a confidant,So no amount of wine is enough for her”
“She is not drunk, everyone is drunk,I think it’s better to drink less”Xie Lan smiled and said。
Lin Ling said nothing,I took out two more bottles of good wine from the cabinet,She laughed:”Since father and mother know their daughter so well,Why don’t you make me drunk?I still know,Drunk“
“daughter!Mom and Dad made a big mistake in your marriage,Today we apologize to you in front of your good friend Xia Jian。Let’s stop mentioning this matter,good or not?”Xie Lan said sincerely。
Xia Jian has a look,Said with a smile:“Nothing,You always have to look forward。Tomorrow’s sun will still be bright”Xia Jian said,Raised the wine glass and touched Lin Ling。
Lin Ling glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Can you stay,If you can promise me,You will be the general manager,Can i be your deputy?”
“Xia Jian!Our family Lin Ling is always arrogant,She begged others to do this for the first time!”Xie Lan’s smile,She smiled softly with her wine glass。
Lin Xu did not speak,But his eyes are always fixed on Xia Jian,Xia Jian felt a little hairy。People are kind enough to keep him down,But can he not leave??