Only the girl Su Xuehen is still standing in front of the coffee shop,Fluttering in white,Like a fairy,A pitiful expression,Distressing。

Twenty minutes later,A white Porsche sports car steadily parked in front of the cafe。
The tires rubbed against the ground and made a harsh rattle,As if awakened the whole street all at once。
Lu Menglin jumped out of the car,Striding to Su Xuehen。
Su Xuehen looked at him,Sad,Mixed feelings。
In this cafe on the corner,She clearly saw Lu Menglin and Zheng Yiyi together last time,Intimacy,So she made up her mind,Would never call such a man。
What a pity,Mother is missing,Helpless,But I can only ask him for help。
“Are you OK?what happened?”Lu Menglin stepped forward,Looking at Su Xuehen,As if I met a familiar stranger,Asked softly。
Su Xuehen blinked,I glanced around,Whisper:“You called all these people?You have so many friends,Please help me。”
“Ok,I will definitely help you。What the hell happened?”Lu Menglin asked patiently。
Su Xuehen nodded,Tao:“My mother is missing。He was taken away by a black man。That person is going to catch me,Mom saved me。”
“Black person?”Lu Menglin frowned,Surprised。
at this time,A person suddenly rushed out of the corridor next to him,Staggered towards Lu Menglin and Su Xuehen。
“stop!”The police officer on the side noticed something was wrong,Immediately stop shouting。
But this person seems to be unconscious,Stumbled,Still rushed towards Lu Menglin and Su Xuehen。
At this moment,Lu Menglin and Su Xuehen both saw the person’s appearance。
“Niu Qiuye?”