You better do a few things every Monday

You better do a few things every Monday

According to the German “World News”, Yuergen, director of the Sleep Medicine Center of the University Hospital of Regensburg, Germany.

According to Zurle, the reason is not on Monday morning, but on Sunday night.

“Ask people when they sleep the worst, and you can always hear the same answer: Sunday night,” Zurle said.


People started worrying about Monday’s troubles on Sunday: get up, boss, work.

People can’t sleep peacefully after thinking about it.

  Mr. Zurle suggested that an important way to curb Monday’s decline is to avoid bed too early on Sunday nights, but rather later.

Because “it feels sleepy when you go to bed this way, you can rest better”.

  However, it was not only the previous night that made Monday the worst day.

It is difficult to cope with a weak jet lag.

Rhythmic researcher Till at the Institute of Medical Psychology at the University of Munich, Germany.

Renneberg said many people suffer from “social jet lag” in the morning.

  Stefan the author of the best-selling book The Formula of Happiness.

Klein argued that people felt depressed on Monday morning, a feeling similar to that of prisoners.

“On Monday, we suddenly had to restrain ourselves after enjoying two days of freedom.

“In his opinion, what is shocking and highly tense is the feeling of being directed by others,” It has been a chronic illness that causes illness.

Nothing is happier than free time. ”

  Another reason researchers in Hamburg found was “boss”.

A survey conducted by the Society for Experimental Scientific and Social Research showed that 42% of women and 36% of men felt their boss was nervous at the start of the week.

  American stress researcher Richard.

Lazarus declared in the 1970s that people don’t have to endure Monday’s depression, because stress and bad emotions are caused by everyone.

He confirmed by measuring the stress hormones in the blood that if we react differently and look at the problem from a different perspective, we can affect the amount of mental stress.

As far as Monday is concerned, it means that on Sunday afternoon, people who don’t think about Monday morning will have the most comfortable day of the week.