Beijing Compulsory Education Stage will new sports and health knowledge assessment

People’s Network Beijing December 9 (Dong Zhai) This morning, "Beijing Compulsory Education Sports and Health Assessment Evaluation Program" press conference was held. At the meeting, Deputy Secretary of the Education and Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Li Wei, a municipal education committee spokesperson, the evaluation of the compulsory education and health assessment, including process assessment and on-site exam.

Process assessment reflects small and medium-sized connections, to process, grasping early; the on-site exam increases supply, rich choice, and take care of the difference.

Among them, process assessment, including student physical health assessment and sports and health knowledge assessment. First, physical health assessment, this part of the assessment is actually the "National Student Physical Health Standard (2014 Revised)", including body weight index, lung capacity, 50 m run, sit within 1 minute jump, 1 To sit-ups, different schools have specific single indicators and weights, reflecting step-by-step processes.

The assessment time is the fourth grade, sixth grade, eight grade first semester, and is responsible for organizations by regions.

"This part is not new, but it is just a more emphasis on the accumulation of the process and the achievement of national basic health standards.

This part is divided into 30 points, 10 points each time, can achieve a good point, and many students can achieve good or more, focus on guiding children and parents to pay attention to the health of children’s physical health as soon as possible. "Li Wei said. Second, sports and health knowledge assessment, this part is open, the child is completed by the way, and the assessment time is the second semester of the eighth grade.

All districts shall organize children to participate in the assessment in accordance with the city.

"The purpose is to let children understand the necessary health and safety and sports common sense." Li Wei said, "I like to exercise and stick to it, but more importantly, I have to learn scientific exercise and healthy life."

For example, how to control the intensity of exercise, avoid motion damage, preparation of activities and stretching motion, such as scientific and reasonable nutritional dietary structure, work-related habits, etc., these are children should know, and do physical exercise must be Basic, this part takes 10 points.

"Li Wei said that overall look, process assessment process, strong participation, to accumulate, reduce division and distiction, just want children to accumulate healthy life results. Basic health standards, understand basic health Sports common sense, conscientiously adhere to the participation can have high points, full of points. These 40 points can not be assaulted or reported to one or two sports training courses, need to be solid from every day. (Editor: Bao Guoying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.