Concentrate gathering the grand blueprint into a vivid reality

Original title: Concentrate gathering the grand blueprint into a vivid realistic dream to illuminate the road, struggle to achieve a better future.

The Sixth Congress of Guang’an City, the Chinese Communist Party, Guang’an City, which is concerned about the people of the city, successfully completed the tasks under the joint efforts of all representatives and comrades, and closed yesterday (18).

The General Assembly fully promotes democracy, condenses the power of wisdom, and seek common development, it is a conference that horses the banner and maintains the core. It is a conference that is going to open, open up. It is a democratic unity and wind clean, our conference. Success congratulations! During the meeting, representatives from all over the city, with full political enthusiasm, to highly responsible for the people of the city, and reviewed the "Guang’an Future Development Height," Guang’an City, Guang’an City, Guang’an, China, China Communist Party, Guang’an The 5th Discipline Inspection Committee of the City; strictly implemented the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, adhering to the party’s leadership, fully promoting democracy, electing the Sixth Committee of Guang’an City, China, China Communist Party, Guang’an City The 6th Discipline Inspection Committee.

This conference, in the history of Guang’an, has a symptom, landmark, milestone.

The General Assembly is the main line of the top-level socialist thinking of the socialist thinking with high intention, in-depth study of the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, and comprehensively and more objective summaries have made major achievements in the city’s economic and social development since the fifth party conference. I deeply analyze Guang’an’s historical orientation and the opportunity and challenges of the present, and put forward the overall requirements of the city’s work in the next five years, the goal of struggle and efforts, clearly depicting "accelerating the establishment of Sichuan Cooperative Demonstration Zone, comprehensively building socialist modernization Guang’an "The grand blueprint is further condensed, and the new journey will be created to create a new situation consensus and strength.

The development blueprint has been painted, and the goal of the struggle has been clear.

The next key is that the sleeves are finished, and the heart is not grasped. Party organizations and majority of party members and cadres at all levels should learn immediately, and in-depth implementation of the spirit of the General Assembly, unify the ideas and the actions to the various tasks deployed by the General Assembly. Determined roadmap, the task book transition into pragmatic action, struggling with sweat and blood to write a new chapter of "Test". Accelerate the establishment of the Sichuan and Chongqing Cooperation Demonstration Zone, comprehensively build a socialist modernization, and must put the direction and the target.

The direction determines the road and the road determines the fate.

We have to adhere to the general socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and the banner is clearly stamped in the first place, enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", and do "two maintenance", on the target Implement political requirements, enhance political ability, perform political responsibility, and firmly move the party Central Committee, Provincial Party Committee and Municipal Party Committee’s decision-making deployment throughout the city’s economic and social development, and effectively transform into a pragmatic action of Guang’an high quality development. Accelerate the establishment of the Sichuan and Chongqing Cooperative Demonstration Zone, and comprehensively build the modernization of socialist modernization, we must really grasp the trunk and good work.

It’s hard to get hard, and you can do it. All departments at all levels must focus on the target tasks determined by the General Assembly, firmly implement the "four major strategies", decompose the identified target tasks to specific work, implement a specific measures, keep focused on developing force, a problem, a problem, to overcome, A job is working to advance, with more exciting spirit, high-spirited fighting spirit, pragmatic style, and promote the deployment of the deployment. To constantly adapt to the new task of the new situation, strive to make up for the knowledge gap, weaknesses and experience blind areas, and innovate and develop as the core, and the reform and opening up is the key to promote the development of career.

It is necessary to protect the customized system to create a customs and authentic, so that weighing the truth, fulfilling his duties, and dating in Guang’an. Accelerate the establishment of the Sichuan and Chongqing Cooperative Demonstration Zone, comprehensively build a socialist modernization in Guang’an, must practice the initial heart and the people-oriented.

"Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan", we must adhere to the people-centered ideas, with "Jian Gong must have me, the merges don’t have to be in me", actively doing basic long-term things; Continuous initiatives, speed up the high-quality life of people’s livelihood, and use the high-quality development of the economy and society to achieve the high-quality life of the people, with the city’s party members and cadres’ struggles in exchange for the people’s happiness index. Accelerate the establishment of the Sichuan and Chongqing Cooperative Demonstration Zone, comprehensively build a socialist modernization of Guang’an, must be condensed, and go all out. "Zhong Li and the people, the people will be moved to Taishan." We have to rely on common careers, serious systems, broad mind united to mobilize all positive factors, and transform the party’s claim to the people of the whole city, concentric The actual actions of the same direction, the cooperation combined, fully stimulate the new journey of the city to step into the city, create a new situation of the pride, form the vivid situation of "all the boy to open the big ship", and jointly create a better future in Guang’an.

A generation of people have a generation of people, a generation of people a generation. Let us unite around the party central part of Xi Xi Ping, highlight the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and learn to implement the spirit of the 19th National Session of the Communist Party of China, vigorously promote the spirit of the great Justice party, in the new municipal party committee Under the strong leadership, transform the spirit of the General Assembly into actual actions, transform the grand blueprint depicted by the General Assembly to a beautiful reality, condense the majestic power of Guang’an high quality development, in order to accelerate the establishment of the Sichuan-Chongqing cooperation demonstration zone, comprehensively build socialist modernization Guang’an Strive! Source: (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.