Cypress is successfully implemented in spinal cord tumor resection surgery is carrying out rehabilitation training

People’s Daily Network Tokyo June 30th, Japan Channel Comprehensive Japan Fashion Entertainment Website ModelPress reported that AKB48 members of the performance of the performance work was announced on the 28th, which has been announced on the 28th of the branch of the Office of the Office. Inner tumor resection surgery. The official website of its affairs issued a message saying: "About the Purple issued in the previous few days was in the treatment of tumors in the spinal cord, she received up to 7 hours of surgery on June 25.

The attending doctor said that the surgery was very smooth, and the cypress was stable after the approach, and today he will refer.

"The news also mentioned that cypress is the current state of Ji Ji," has begun to carry out rehabilitation training, now able to walk slowly ", and said that" the company will do our best to support her, and hope that everyone can continue to support the cypress "." Its attending doctor revealed that cypress was carried out this time the spinal cord tumor resection surgery, as the tumor is in the spinal cord, so the tumor can be removed after cutting the spinal cord.

Now the first difficult gate has passed smoothly, but it will also face multiple customs cards such as rehabilitation training, and the treatment will never fall lightly.

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