Trump government wants to challenge the WTO rules

[] The US Trade Representative office recently submitted to the US Congress to the US National Committee Agenda Report, emphasizing that the Trump government will strongly maintain US sovereignty in terms of trade policy affairs, not subject to WTO ruling, and support strict implementation of US trade law to deal with Other trading partners unfair trade behavior, revealing policy signals bypassing the WTO initiated unilateral trade sanctions, causing concerns about the recognition of the credibility of multilateral trading system.

  Since its establishment in January 1995, WTO has been the most authoritative international agency that regulates trade activities and disputes between members. The United States has supported the WTO ruling and maintains its authority. During the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the WTO has played a very important role in oversighting members of trade policy measures to effectively inhibit global trade protectionism and avoiding global trade.

  According to statistics from the WTO official website, approximately 90% of the trade dispute accepted by the agency eventually resolved, only about 10% of the case consultations, and finally authorized a member of the WTO to violate the WTO rules. Trade retaliation is sufficient to prove the effectiveness of the institutional dispute settlement mechanism. However, the Trump government tried to reshape the global trading system believes that the WTO’s interpretation of the trade agreement sometimes not fully takes the interests of the US domestic industry, weakening the United States effective should have the ability to unfair trade behavior, so they determine the United States Refers to the WTO ruling, mainly to deal with other trading partners through the US domestic laws and trade tools.

  The Trump Government clearly stated in the 2017 Trade Policy Agenda Report, even if the WTO dispute solves the expert group or the WTO appeal agency ruled that the United States lost, such a ruling does not have to change the US law or standard, Trump Government The US sovereignty will be strongly maintained in terms of trade policy affairs and strengthen the implementation of American trade regulations. The Trump government hinted that once trade frictions in other countries, the United States will not hesitate to initiate unilateral trade sanctions, including the use of the "201 Terms of the 1974 Trade Law" and "301". According to "Terms of Terms", Trump can apply to the US International Trade Commission to file a safeguard measures. If the investigation confirms that the US domestic industry is seriously damaged or threatened by imported surge, the president has the right to adopt import restrictions, including improving imported products. Tariff, implementation tariff quotas.

The US government has previously used "201 Terms" in 2001, President of Bush is protected from foreign imports from foreign imports.

  "301" is authorized by the US trade representatives and presidents to investigate or self-decide to investigate foreign governments or unfair trade practices, and adopt sanctions, including the revocation of trade offers, tariffs and damage to damage. The Trump government believes this is "Encourage foreign countries to take a strong leverage for market more friendly policies." In order to open a foreign market, the Trump government also advocates the US "all possible leverage", including the application of the "applicable reciprocal principles" that refuses to open the market when necessary. This means that if a country is unwilling to open its own market to US investors or export products, the United States will also refuse to open the country’s open market and may threaten high tariffs from import products from the country.

  The Trump Government has caused concerns about the US business leaders and members of the US business leaders and Congress who have never supported international rules. They have admonished Trump Government not to withdraw from the global trade system based on the rules framework.

Kevin Brady, Chairman of the US Congress House Fundraising Committee, issued a statement that he firmly believed that the existing trade agreement, including the WTO, a success of the United States, because these agreements have established a clear regulation to make competitors Binding and opening up the market; when other countries do not comply with these rules, the trade agreement also gives a powerful tool for dispute resolution mechanisms to retaliate. The WTO Director-General Roberto Azevo also stated that trade protectionism could not make the United States "once again", Trump should not blame all the problems facing the US economic development on other countries and external power. The University of Cornell, Professor Esvar Prasad warned that if the Tri Migong government implements the above-mentioned trade policy proposal, it will be a heavy blow to the American Help the American trade system, and if the US selection leaves the WTO Organizations, WTO will lose effectiveness and reputation in trade rulings. This may also increase the risk of the United States and other trading partners outbreak trade conflicts. American Strategic and International Problem Research Center Trade Policy Expert Matthew Gudman Research found that the 2017 trade policy agenda reported the final version of the final version of the Draft Softname compared to the whole position, he guess the draft is mainly based on the US trade representative nominee The idea of ??LeTheze is developed, and the director of the White House National Trade Commission Peter Navaro, but the director of the White House National Economic Commission Director Gary Cohen finalized some of the controversial expressions. This reflects policies between different agencies within the Trump government, and its actual trade policy is still waiting to be observed. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.