Xu Ru is driving Lin Yu Ru’s big rushing,With Li Hui, I went to the town directly to purchase some goods.,There are also smoke and alcoholic tea.,I directly went to Xujia Village in Lu Xia Town.。

When I came to Lu Xia Town,Li Hui is also a glimpse,He didn’t expect Xu Ruzhen before it was in this town.,Because this town is adjacent to Liu Tian Town,It’s just a bit far away from it.。
There is not much better construction in Xujia Village.,The road is not repaired,Or the previous soil road,The house is also the old house.,However, it is obvious that it is better than the previous lotus village.。
After all, many people’s houses are already red brick red.。
When I came to Xu Ru, my parents’ house.,Li Hui felt that the family of parents is definitely very rich.。
Because it is a small second layer of the unique house。
This is different from the little house that Li Hui’s imagination is different.。
Go to the door,Xu Ruzhen’s expression is some unnatural。
Li Hui also feels a bit wonderful。
“Sister,How do I feel that you are somewhat nervous??”
“what!no,I haven’t come back for a long time.,Feel some sorry two old。”
Li Hui Feng looks at the laminated tiles outside is new.,At a glance, you can see that this second layer is new.。
“Hey-hey,The grandfather lives this so good second floor.,I think it should be your credit.?
You can’t come back frequently.,Not busy with your own career??
Let it go,I am with you.。”
Li Hui said, while got off the bus and started the big bag.。
But there is no other place,Xu Ru is to stop the movement of Li。
“wait,Let’s go in and see。”
Say,Xu Ruzhen is straight to the door to knock on the door.。
Li Hui Feng feels a bit weird。
Don’t understand why Xu Ru is going to see。
“Who is?
Knock on what knock?
Thirty three doors?”
The sound from the yard is full,Not like the voice of the elderly。
And Xu Ruzhen is also obviously bodied.。
The door opened the moment,Li Hui is also a man in the door.。
The eyebrows are very good.,It is also very strong,Only speaking,Some difficulties in the face of Xu Ruzhen。
“How come you come back??
parents not at home,You have to watch the pork circle of our dad to our home.,They live in the movable room。”
“You are driving your parents out?”