Xia Jian ran forward with Zhao Chunling。The girls Li Fengzhu led were frightened,Besides, everyone is covered with rain,Still dripping,They can’t run fast at all。

Not chasing two steps,Xia Jian caught up with Li Fengzhu and the others。He rushed to Li Fengzhu in two steps and said:“Don’t go to the bus station,They have found us running,Otherwise, why are these guys waiting for us??”
“Then where are we going?In addition to running along this road,I’m not familiar with other ways,Not to mention seeing nothing”Li Fengzhu panted and said。
At this moment,The rain is slowly getting smaller,Visibility has also improved。Xia Jian thought about it:“Run towards this path on the left,Still running water,Everyone try to step into the water,It is best not to leave any traces”Xia Jian finished,Then dripped water and walked forward。
Li Fengzhu whispered to the sisters and followed。Zhao Chunling was very consciously at the end,She’s afraid that someone will catch up,She can protect these girls。
Led by Xia Jian,Naturally go faster,These girls are very difficult to follow,But no one dared to call tired,that’s it,Everyone keeps head down,Gritted teeth,Support each other and follow Xia Jian straight forward。
I don’t know when,The rain gradually stopped,The night wind blows on the soaked clothes,People can’t help but shiver。Xia Jian is a man,He can hold it,But these girls are not necessarily。
I don’t know how long it took,Until a girl cried quietly,Xia Jian just stopped。He took out his phone and took a look,It’s almost five o’clock,Calculated like this,They have been walking for three or four hours without saying。
First1635chapter Survival in the Wild
Zhao Chunling rushed to Xia Jian’s side in two steps,She lowered her voice and said:“This seems to be all farmland,There should be no one,Let’s take a break on the side of the road,Sister really can’t walk anymore”
“Ok!Everyone squat down and rest!But never sit on the ground,First, the ground is too wet,I fell asleep as soon as I sat down。Although they have not caught up,But it does not mean that we are safe”Xia Jian raised his voice and said。
Without waiting for Xia Jian’s words to fall,These girls or squat,Or stand,Some even knelt directly into the water,Looks really tired。Xia Jian moved around,Speak softly to Zhao Chunling:“By time,We have traveled more than 20 miles at least“