Jingpu can finally study the pill,No need to be asked by these two people every day。

At this time Lingju walked back with the white rabbit,That bright and moving appearance,Jingpu sighs every time I look at it,Lingju’s beauty is really unsatisfactory。
Lingjing on the side looked at Lingju’s return,He immediately said:
“sister,My promotion,Don’t talk outside。”
Lingju naturally stood next to Jingpu,Raised his eyebrows slightly, a little amused:
“What’s going on here,This is not your style,It stands to reason that you should let the northern states know?”
For Lingju,Ling Jing raised his head slightly,A little proud of the corner of his mouth:
“Naturally, the entire northern state should know,If you can,I want to let the entire lower realm know,but,I want to see with my own eyes that they know my current state,What’s the look of consternation,Think about it under the eyes of the Wanzong Festival,Think about it and get excited。”
Yeechun on the side seemed to have thought of that picture,And nodded immediately。
Liechun is on the way home these days,The juniors who met Zongmen deliberately lowered their own cultivation level,For fear that others will see,For the Wanzong Festival,Under the spotlight,Blockbuster!
And Lingju listened to Lingjing’s words,Then he frowned slightly with dissatisfaction:
“Don’t you scream!”
Lingju’s meaning is obvious,Lingjing can have today,Or,The three people present can have today,All rely on seniors。
But senior is in the world again,When the time comes, once Lingjing and Liechun are both eye-catching,These two are cool,But then the seniors will be clean,Just want to be broken。
Lingju’s words,Lingjing and Liechun were both taken aback,I seem to think of this problem suddenly,I was a little dazed in place for a while。
only,Jingpu on the side shrugged his shoulders indifferently:
“Okay,Man,If you can be arrogant,Then be arrogant,This is good。”
Jingpu felt that he was incapable,If his mother is capable,Jingpu dared to squat and shit on the highest peak of the Shenjian Sect!
And Jingpu’s words,Let Lingjing and Liechun become excited immediately,Nodding,The two of them have begun to imagine the bright future。