Compared to the cold in the cold jade bed,This snake first bone is more obvious in front of him.,Already taken away from the legendary dragon,But the dragon is imagined than Chu Deee,To be more。

At this time, cold,A burst of blue light,Spray it in the mouth,A bundle is the true gas……
Fortunately, the dog hybrid has arrived.,In front of it,Reputation of lotus Buddha vain,Buddha,Golden Buddha,The real gas is temporarily stopped,but……Can see the palm of the Buddha,I have also begun to gradually flourish。
Obviously the cold is better than the big foot,More stronger,Dog hybrid is also dangerous。
The Chu Deirers fled at this time.,Whole person avatar dragon,The palm of the sky is hidden to the cold cheeks,I will play a part of it,The cold in the mouth is also turned around。
It is impatting the palm of the big brother in the south.,Dragon Turtle to use!
However, it is just just a criminal.,Even not falling,But the twist swing,Reopeously……
When the Chu Deeman fell in the air.,I also see really——This cold is afraid that there is no 15 feet in a total of,There are few parts on the ground.,Most of the big half,It can be seen that its abdominal strength is developed!
At this time, you will be reopened.,Even twisted into a generous, hit the Chu Deirers,Chu Deiren quickly branched,Directly drumped and rolled away,Falling on the snow,A long lazing。
The whole body is a pain,But finally there is no injury……
This feels very rare——Can break your own,Chu Deirers have never seen,But that is all internal force,Employed intravenous feelings will be more obvious,Instead of this pure physical attack,Let your own body pain。
Chill,It was also attracted by the Chu Deirers.,Lean、Sale abdomen is bought after the snow,Its action,Chu Deiren saw a snow waver quickly,Then the snow is separated、Exposed huge snakes inside。
Dog hybrid throws a single knife,Again“Unmistive”Golden uk knife method,A round of big days hit the cold、Embossing Wei Zhao。
Chu Deirers are newly printed,The whole person expands a circle,The first biting snake is a hard hammer on the jaw.,Let it close the mouth、Slight retreat……
But it is not true,The body to be reached、Claused,Immediate increase,The posture of the stretch is more fierce——Dispensed,It enables the whole body strength,When you are long, you can only make the force in front of a small part.,This is different from!
Chu Deirers have been hit back,At the same time,Also by Jinwu、Spark。
The cold is immediately pulling the past hatred.……
Two people in a snake,Chu Deee gradually discovered,Although the cold, although it is much stronger than the big feet,But still beasts with almost all Chu Demen、Beast,Have the same defect——Single。
In addition to the fight against golden face,All the beasts are basically so。
In front of the cold,Pure flesh strength,I am afraid that I have to exceed the hard practicers above the sky.。
After all, as big body……
Just play a full force——Belly、Whole body,Pure strength is never human be energetic。
However, this also limits its efforts to posture。
Although there is a pointed teeth,Britious restriction,“bite”Never have its strengths。
Strong,One lies in stranded full body muscles“Bamboo”,The second is to tighten the body muscles“Collide”。
Just how to bite,Chu Deirers are“Come”Turn“Dragon icon”Time,It is completely able to support it on the lip jaw in both hands.……
But as long as it collides、Unfold,Chu Deirers only fly out。
Just this,Chu Deiren supports its bite,But but I hit the rock wall of the side.,Does it not translate into atrophotarian state?,by“Dragon icon+Tire”Resist,Something……
Besides,The cold is only very pure、No flowering extreme cold,Calculate the killer——One、Hit、A spray,Simple,But the Chu Deirens and dog hybrids have been in trouble。
Although not the top of the beast,But you have to win one-on-one,I am afraid that I want to be a master of Tianmen.。
Fortunately, Chu Deirers and dog hybrids are,Both people have echoed,It is enough to contain this cold,Its IQ is far from being bold,Even if it is small。
It is far away from the white.,Two people temporarily and strategic retreat……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 890 Wait for you
Back to Lingxiao City,Bai Wan Jian and Bai Xiu saw that the white is coming back by the dog hybrid,All shocked。
Fortunately, the white is not happy.,Open a mouth:“Yell?Hey,Getting older,Unused!”