There are still many things to talk about,But Qin Feng will look at the situation for now。

As for the rest,It can also let them study first,Anyway, according to Qin Feng’s meaning,He will reform this side,This is beyond doubt。
Other people understand this situation,So all agreed。
After this incident,Qin Feng’s mood is also somewhat unique。
“Mr. Qin Feng,How is this?”Gu Gu is waiting anxiously,Because he is also very worried that he did not do well this time。
As for Jiang Yunyun next to him, he is a little unhappy,According to where she wants to go, she can’t get it?Why must be in this place,She also can’t understand。
It’s just that there are many things she doesn’t understand,So she didn’t say anything。
After all, she knows very well,Cuckoo doesn’t look so reliable,But this person is really capable。
This vision is also very good,Otherwise, her family wouldn’t be able to let her film with such a person。
“This time we also considered very clearly,But this place costs 3 million a day,You also know,This place is made together,If there is one place that is not done well,That’s also inappropriate。”
You understand what i mean?Qin Feng also looked at each other and said,He has no confidence。
“what,three million,You dare to say such things,Do you really think you are in a world-class place??”
Gu Gu hasn’t said a word yet,But Yunyun directly roared,Because she really didn’t expect such expensive things。
Qin Feng gave Yunyun a blank expression,Sometimes women are so calm。
What if she is the host,Can I listen to some things first??If the situation is not right,Then just retreat。
But snarled like this,Who is it for??
Gu Gu also said somewhat solemnly:“Is there no way to discuss this??Our funds are a bit tight。”
“Cough,Mr. Cuckoo,I don’t want to say something so direct,But look at our vegetables,If our side is built,,Focus on this,How much income do you have in a day??”
Forgot to tell you,What you eat,At least one hundred yuan a catty,And there is no way everyone can buy it,Because our output is so little,You see what i mean?