Upstairs fitness

Upstairs fitness

At present, with the improvement of people’s awareness of fitness, climbing stairs is an economical and convenient exercise method popular with many citizens.

Relevant experts point out that climbing stairs is also particular about climbing up stairs, which is good for the body, but going down stairs is not good for the body.

  According to experts, climbing stairs upstairs is equivalent to doing aerobic exercise, which can exercise cardiopulmonary function, and at the same time can exercise the muscles of the legs, which can have certain exercise effects.

However, when going down the stairs, the knee joints and joints must bear the weight of the entire body. Repeating this action will artificially increase the amount of activity of these joints, the intensity of compression will increase sharply, and joint wear may increase, which is bad for the body.

  Experts also remind middle-aged and elderly people or young people who are too obese to exercise stairs by climbing stairs.

The speed and duration of climbing stairs should be well grasped. When you start exercising, you should take a slow, gradual and continuous method. By increasing the exercise level, you can gradually increase the speed or extend the duration.

At the same time, exercise should always be carried out at a moderate intensity, not to feel strenuous.