China Galaxy Securities Zeng Wanping: Long-term, the price center of coal will be upstream

China Films Net News (Reporter Li Huimin Trainee Journal) China Galaxy Securities Strategy Analytor Zeng Wanting said on October 19th, "Jin Niu came" live broadcast, whether it is a photovoltaic or wind power, most new energy is still "Dinner is eating".

When the climate is abnormal, thermal electricity and natural gas renewal are required.

When the market realizes that the problem is wrong with this problem, the price will rise immediately, and the price of energy will rise, and it is reasonable to go back to the end of the spring will be completed next spring.

In addition, in two carbon backgrounds, energy saving and emission reduction is the main tone, and the control of coal consumption and energy demand will have contradiction.

So long-term, the price center of coal will go up.

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