Supervision Committee of the Hong Kong North District: Strictly defense "four winds" problem rebound

The Supervision Committee of the Hong Kong North District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission rebounded "four winds", with the nail spirit to control the "four winds" activities, and to strengthen the construction of the style, consolidate the implementation of the national provisions of the Central provisions, and strictly defense "four winds" rebound. The "May 1" holiday is "four winds" problem easy to issue. In order to prevent the old problems, the new problem germination, small problems are situated, and the Supervision Committee of the Hong Kong North District Commission for Discipline Inspection will strictly guard against the "four wind" work during the holiday period, and through integrity SMS, integrity WeChat emphasizes the discipline of holiday holidays, and then deploy, further build a strong thoughts, and honest "prevention needles". During the "May 1st" period, the various sub-inspection and supervision agencies in the North of Hong Kong have urged all units to conduct a typical case of study, organize township party members and cadres to hold a warning education will be 2 times, watch a warning educational film 1 time, send mobile phone honest and honest SMS, more than 1,000, Send WeChat integrity reminder information to 27 working groups.

At the same time, through tankers, cross-mutual investigation, random spot checks, continue to increase supervision and inspection, and urge party cadres to tighten the string of discipline during the festival to ensure the festival wind. Since the 10 organs, 9 large stalls (restaurants), macro rivers, garden, etc., and the joint traffic police to supervise the "four winds" of public officials, drunk driving and other "four winds" issues, compare drunk driving, drunk driving information 45 Bar, no drunk driving, drunk driving in the holiday period of leadership, drunk driving, joint tax departments, screening comparison information on party and government organs and institutions such as Hong Kong and North jurisdiction.

(Liao Xue Rong Gans Shi Xinghong Hongxia) (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Yimei).