Two different public opinions: "Washington’s US" and "New York’s US"

[Editor’s press] September 22, 2015, Xi Jinping will give it a high expectation of the United States for the first state visit to the United States.

Wang Wen, Executive Dean of the Chongyang Finance Research Institute of China, China, is in the United States.

He wrote a series of articles, evaluating the status quo and future of Sino-US relations. In the high-level meeting room of the New York Bloomberg Building, the bird’s eye view of the city of New York, with some American experts, trade, American experts, first-line market analysts, my mood is significantly better than in Washington. Three days in Washington, visit nearly 10 famous wiskins, almost every day, even disputes, those who are surrounded by the political atmosphere and interest group, the mouth is the small topic, such as China has accepted the United States intellectual property through the network, China is too tough in the South China Sea, and China’s business environment deteriorates.

In the face of the so-called "public concern, Washington must take this President to solve specific problems", I don’t only respond once: "The topics of those who are ignorant, and now the two countries are not lacking Gradually solve the channels of those topics, leaders’ state visit to talk about the strategic problem, why should they be reduced to those thin branches? Until a US senior official who said whispers for me, I was a little sudden. He said: "The unscrupulous voice is only part of the public public opinion, but it is enlarged to kidnapped the American high-top politics (highpolitics), and even the formation of China’s policy stress and impact on the United States." However, in New York, those truly do Practice, in the US financial circle, trade circle, the human eye of the trade circle, is completely another logic in the human eyes of interest in communication with China.

They are reflecting, why didn’t the United States add to Asia? Why not let China join TPP? They are still criticizing, the US investment environment is far less than China, and those American politicians exaggerate those tributaries, and so on. At the lunch, the Chairman of the Black Stone Group Su Shimin () is more in front of our more than 30 participants, sang a lot of China, telling China’s importance to the United States, and the importance of the world, but also explains why 300 million US dollars to Tsinghua University cloud cloud. How many of these narratives make people feel that doing business, how to think, more pragmatic than engage in politics.

In a few days, two important US cities have been shuttle, I really feel awareness of "Nice in the United States" in the international political theory.

"Washington’s US" and "New York’s US" is different, "America" ??and "American" in public opinion are also different. "Washington’s US" is more political correctly, "New York’s US" more interest is correct; "America" ??is often entangled in some negative issues, as they have the same criticism of the government, and "" The real public opinion of the real world is not as bad as public opinion.

According to the Global Affairs Council of Chicago, 67% of the American people advocate "friendly cooperation and contact", only 29% of the American people should "restrict" China’s rise.

From this point, it is not good to say that the atmosphere of Sino-US relations is not good. In the strius, like Don Quixote fighting windmill, hard to create a Chinese shadow, carry with "China Shadow". In other words, the current Sino-US relations do not present a political crisis, but only the state of the US public opinion at a specific time point.

Of course, it is a point that the US decision-making layer is currently lacking. It is a responsible political elite, as well as the Gaoming team that dares to circulate and policies in China.

When Nixon period, the cold war atmosphere was worse, the US government was still able to bypass public opinion, and actively build a good foundation of China ‘s head meeting, creating the first US presidential record, starting a new world history process. The current US political elite is not the ability to manage the Chinese and American public opinion crisis, but lack enough strategic courage to actively shape the public opinion atmosphere of the world’s largest two major economies in the future.

Therefore, for China, it is impossible to have more patience and strategic perseverance, to influence and shape the sense of responsibility of "Washington’s American political elite", let them seriously judge the International Times, and the inner active adjustment.

The US elite needs to know that China is already a national big country, not a small country that the US public opinion can be intimidated. Creating a good Sino-US relationship, not just the interests of China, and the same interest is also the interests of the United States. Through some small tricks, it is likely that the little loss is large, and the sesame is thrown, throwing watermelon.

In this regard, the American political elite should be discouraged, take the initiative to guide the United States to develop in the direction of Hua’s public opinion. For China, it is also necessary to make "Washington’s American political elite" dare to face some basic facts.

This includes: This year, the United States persuaded that Western countries refused to join Asian vote, and they were very malicious, and the changing people finally contraced "stinky". As a World War II, the US President is unwilling to participate in the 70th anniversary of the anti-fascist war in Beijing, and even the senior representative has no sent, which has exposed the US small family gas.

The United States needs to know that the bestness of the United States is not only reflected in the world’s only super-large US, more importantly, is the best way to improve and protect the fundamental interests of the United States.

For China, it is also necessary to let the "Washington political elite" learn objectively look at China’s contribution to the United States, and the promotion of developing Sino-US relations on the actual interests of the United States. "China is coming" is not a threat, but interest and cooperation. In recent years, the "Auto City" Detroit "Automobile City" has been banned, and the reason is that Chinese companies continue to invest in recent investment. As Wang Yi’s foreign minister’s latest, in the next five years, China’s investment in the United States will reach 200 billion US dollars, and 4 million new jobs have been created for the United States.

The rise is not just to bring investments for the United States. More importantly, Sino-US relations have too many global affairs and cooperative spaces, such as anti-terrorism, climate change, international security, economic growth, international Internet security, etc. Wait. But at the same time, it is necessary to see that the latest business good news is much.

On September 16, the United States 94 CEOs jointly called on the "Second Olympics" to focus on "Bilateral Investment Agreement" (BIT) to jointly improve the interests of cooperation.

Now the two sides of each other accounts for about 1% of the total foreign direct investment, which is quite abnormal, and is the huge potential of cooperation between the two countries. On September 17th, the US National Chamber of Commerce, President of Dornojo, and President of Sizie Iron, President of Sijie, former Business Minister Guan Tieres, Brookins Society, Chairman, attended the seventh round in Beijing US business leaders and former high school dialogue, when the President Xi Jinping said that the United States is warmly welcomed and looks forward to China Access to the United States.

On the same day, the important results of the three Sino-US substantive economic cooperation announced: First, Sino-US cooperation built a 370-kilometer high-speed rail in the west of the United States, started in the fall of 2016; the second is the African clean energy project jointly developed by Sino-US cooperation. The third is the construction energy-saving fund project established by Sino-US enterprises.

Therefore, compared to the importance of China’s interest, global interests, human interests, the current US public opinion speculation, or even ignore it.

Some American political elites did not have a long history of historical responsibility and future mission, but also did not remember the teachings of Professor, the US "No. China Tong" in half centuries: "If the Americans can’t know China – her history, she Moral, political and philosophical tradition, will cause US mistakes, will also affect international stability.

"(The author is the executive dean of the Chongyang Financial Research Institute of Renmin University of China).