The Hong Kong Youth Leaders encourage youth for social recommendations

  Xinhua News Agency, September 6th, Hong Kong Youth League and Xinhong Base Production Guo Fund jointly completed the "Qinglian Constitution" leadership training class in "Housing Development and Conservation", aimed at investing in a series of classrooms and field visits Encourage Hong Kong youth in-depth understanding and many angles to think about the actual situation of Hong Kong, and propose appropriate policy initiatives to contribute to social recommendations.

  Huang Weilun, director of the Hong Kong SAR Government Development Bureau, said in the "Qinglian Government" leadership training course, this training course has a more in-depth understanding of the young people on housing and land supply, development and conservation. Liu Yeqiang, Chairman of the New Town Township Bureau, introduced that there is no problem in land supply, shortage of housing supply, etc., has been plaguing Hong Kong.

After 4 weeks of observation, communication and summary, a student, comprehensively understand the overall issue of Hong Kong. Zhang Zhihua, Minister Zhang Zhihua, Minister, said that Hong Kong youth’s dreams are close to the Chinese dream, Hong Kong dream is closely connected, and we must dare to have a dream, be brave in chasing dreams, diligently dreaming, integrating personal dream into Hong Kong dreams, using youth dreams Chinese dream. Guo Jihui, a director of Xinhong Ki-land, Hope, participants to enhance the comprehensive understanding of national policies and related requirements of Hong Kong, and understand and propose feasibility recommendations for the topic of Hong Kong land housing. The Chairman of the Hong Kong Youth League said that Hong Kong Qinglian has always focused on young and diverse development and their different needs, hoping to enhance the confidence and hope of the younger generation.

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