Fang Fang shook his head and said:“She seems to have planned this for a long time,I broke the camera cable first,Then I gave you and Xiao Hei medicine,And this medicine is so powerful,Enough to let you sleep for more than ten hours”

“Wait, then!Don’t let me catch her”Xia Jian gritted his teeth and said。
At noon,Xia Jian was accompanied by Wang Lin and Fang Fang,Out of the City People’s Hospital,Go directly to the Venture Group,The three of them even ate their meals in the company。Said it was for dinner,Actually, I have to deal with it,The three of them are in a bad mood。
Work in the afternoon,Xia Jian held a group high-level meeting,in the meeting,Everyone reported to Xia Jian the current development status of each project,After Xia Jian listened,He was very satisfied。
Finally he asked Dragon Ball:“Chief Long,Which piece of Dongchuan Road has been discussed??”
“Almost talked about,It’s because the developer is asking too much,Just stuck in this one“Dragon Ball Open Notebook,Took a look,Very seriously。
Xia Jian nodded silently and said:“Their land,Have been in circles for years,There are now policies,Land purchased,Must be developed within the specified period,If it exceeds the specified period,Reclaim,You can think of a way to start from this one,Let them make the decision to make the price cut“
“Ok!I understand Mr. Xia“Dragon Ball said quickly。
Jin Yimei glanced at Xia Jian,Said with a smile:“President Xia,If this piece of land on Dongchuan Road must be taken,We still have a gap in funding,What you said last night…“
“You come down to contact President Su,Get it here“Xia Jian’s meaning is very clear,But he still didn’t explain,Anyway, as long as Jin Yimei can understand it。
At the end of the conference,Xia Jian gave several vice presidents,Assigned some new tasks,He is now the leader,Also made some experience,The next task is actually setting goals,Goal,Everyone has a direction to fight when they work。
Adjourned,Xia Jian entered his office,He lay down on the big swivel chair,It’s all about Lao Xiao being kidnapped,You said that Li Xiaolu hides deep enough,Under the nose,After giving her complete trust,Come here without knowing it,If she was cruel,This will be another world。
Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel cold,This person is too scary。at this time,Wang Lin walked in a little panicked,She is carrying a small bag。
Didn’t even knock on the door,This is not Wang Lin’s style,Is something wrong again?Xia Jian sat up a little nervously,Just when I asked Wang Lin,Wang Lin put the bag in her hand in front of Xia Jian and said:“Your express“
“express delivery?“Xia Jian was really surprised,Although I am the boss of a startup group,,But no one has ever sent him anything,Who is this?
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,The voice said with a low pressure:“Could it be sent to you by Li Xiaolu??“
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up in shock,He carefully opened the small bag,There is a letter in the small bag,Xia Jian hurriedly tore it open。
I saw the letter says:“President Xia!Sleeping well?I thought all men in the world are the same,I didn’t expect you to be able to control yourself,Otherwise you will be worse,The reason why this girl let you go last night,I just want you to send some money,You must cooperate with us,Don’t play any tricks,Otherwise, Xiao Xiao is so old,Can’t stand the toss at all“