Fu Yingxue has been clearly explained with Shen Xi Lin.,Only a few of the eight-way army soldiers from the base,Other fighters have escorted money and materials。

“Ritual,Organization ask us how to cooperate next。”
“Appropriate time to find a male and one female two comrades to impember us into the base near the source,We will pass a trip after Chengde Office。”Ritual,
“What are we doing these two days??”
“I will disappear tomorrow tomorrow.,Then go to Chengde from Beiping。”Ritual,
“I will walk tomorrow.?”
“Correct,We disappeared tomorrow,I have been ready for the document.。”Qi Rui said to give Fu Ying Xue for the prepared documents.。
“I will call Tan Xue from tomorrow.?”
“Correct,I started to call Qun tomorrow.,These documents can be from special high school.,Special pass,But we try not to use。”
In the suburban twenty-seven divisions and Mao Chuanxiu and the special agent committee have been waiting for several days.,But the armed is not half a little.,So under Mao Chuanxiu and the order,Drug dealers start trading with local drug factories,After all transactions are finished, there is still no movement.。
Mao Chuanxiu and at this moment, those arms have already taken money to the eight-way army,So the situation follows the room YAqing report,I also inform him that Long Tuli has already attached to the Chinese to investigate。
Qi Rui and Fu Yingxue makeup into middle-aged people first come to Beiping,Take the train to Chengde,That is, the Manchurian Town,I have a good rest here for one night.,I took a break in the morning before I have eaten breakfast.。
In a designated place in Chengde Southwest,Rui Rui and Fu Ying Xue and Xu Hu, who had a snow leopard, Yang Dachi, said that the secret number came to the head.。
“Hello,My name is Qi Jun,She is Tan Xue,Do you detach Zhou Weiguo??”
“Our captain waiting for you?,Come with us.。”
Rui Rui and Fu Ying Xue have someone around others.,But they all pretend that they don’t know.,Follow Xu Hu and Yang Deli to the resilience station。
Asked Qi Rui:“Xu Hu comrade,When are you coming??”
“The command will come over.,We have reached two days。”
“Thanks for your hard work,The dried grain has been finished.?”Qi Rui asked Xu Hu,
“Fortunately, comrades of the military team brought us some,Now there is nothing to eat.。”
“We also brought some。”Everyone is coming to a mountain forest.,Like a week, I recognized Zhou Weiguo in the snow.,He is following Jing Yun,Zhou Dawei speaking。
“Captain,People receive!”Xu Hu reported,
Zhou Weiguo stood up and down and asked Qi Rui and Fu Ying Xue.:“Organization is you waiting for us??”
“Be right,My name is Qi Jun,She is Tan Xue,This time I have worked hard.!”Rui Rui and Zhou Weiguo shakes a hand,
“What is our task??”Zhou Weiguo asked,
Rui Rui looked around,Zhou Weigan showed that Xu Hu took a rest with people.,Looking up and down, weighing Qi Rui and Fu Ying Xue,Rui Rui said to him:“Scenery,You also go on,Take these points to give comrades,I said a few words to Zhou Captain.。”
Jing Yun is determined to be Qi Rui brother,Stand up and get together:“Yes!”After that, he took two bags and pulled Zhou Da Liang.,Li Nancheng left。
“Zhou Captain,What did they say to you??”Qi Rui,
“It seems that it is not a murder action?”
“Indeed,This time we are from the poisonous dealer of the hot river and Mengjiang.。”
“Rush them?”
“Correct,We have already got more than 70 million from drug dealers.,Now there are several drug dealers in Tianjin.,Already started back,Our purpose is the money in their hands。”
“The organization means let us grab the money in their hands?”