It’s not a big problem to be so reckless at first,After all, there must be a process of understanding and stability,But it’s not going to work if the days are longer。Must be beaten drums for these rough embryos at the right time,And let Fu De take a good training。

Li Tianchou remembers that in the Yuxing development plan that Lao paid him,It’s very important,Yuxing’s initial scale was small,Unified management when there are not many entities,The income of all stores is turned in uniformly,Unified scheduling arrangements for expenditures,This is conducive to concentrating on big things。But if the scale is bigger,You have to change it,Lao Fu calls it limited self-payment,This is conducive to healthy development,Improve efficiency。
Although Li Tianchou can’t understand a few academic terms,But basically understand the meaning,Fully agree with Fu De’s statement。He is very aware of the burden of this group of people,Except Fuld,Liangzi has the highest level of education。Both himself and Zhu Lei are semi-illiterate,These people are good at fighting,It’s a waste of business to do business,If you don’t let them gradually become aware,After that, don’t expect them to do well。
Speaking of Ryoko,Li Tianchou suddenly remembered that this guy hasn’t come back for weeks,The news came a few days ago that it was a good injury,I forgot to send someone to replace it,Really shouldn’t。Change this semi-cultural person back in time,Is of great help at this stage。
Just go all the way,Thinking all the way,Li Tianchou unconsciously came to the south of the village in the city。Have rarely been here before,Not too familiar,But it can be seen everywhere on the wall,No different from other places in the village。Inadvertently,The red thing in the corner of the eye is very conspicuous,He turned to watch,It turned out that red silk banners were pulled horizontally in the left hand lane,With various slogans written on it,It’s nothing more than demolition advertisements。
Two vertical signboards hung beside the second doorway of the laneway,One wrote above“Urban Village Demolition and Resettlement Office”,The other wrote“Urban Village Demolition Headquarters”。I was hiding in such a place,Li Tianchou turned into the lane without saying a word。
The door is hidden,There seems to be no one quietly inside。I was hesitating to open the door and have a look,Suddenly there was footsteps from inside,There are two more men talking,volume is too low,Ambiguous。Li Tianchou estimated that the other party was almost at the door,Just turned around,Pretend to go back,But very slow。
A creak of the door,Immediately after Li Tianchou came footsteps,The two are in the same direction as themselves。Helpless,He had to keep walking slowly。
“……Messed up,No one has a good life。In addition, there is no room for time,Hurry up。”This is a slightly hoarse baritone。
“It must be fine this time,But those old guys……”The other man’s voice is relatively shrill。
“Don’t worry about it,I’m afraid these people are still in circles,Just let go of your hands and feet。group……”The two voices are extremely low,I have surpassed Li Tianchou,One of them looked back at him,Obviously very vigilant,The second half of the sentence is silent.。
Li Tianchou heard it intermittently,Some headless。One of them is very fat,The back of the man in a black leather jacket is familiar,Seems to have seen it before。
In a blink of an eye the two went out of the alley,The moment you turn around,The profile face of the black jacket reminded Li Tianchou that this person turned out to be Fatty Zhu,The fat manager Zhu who used to be annoying when working as a security guard in a property company,Is an old acquaintance。
Ha ha,It’s not that the enemy doesn’t get together,I actually ran into this second item here,Li Tianchou was surprised。How could this bastard not be a manager of Phoenix Property,Went to the village in the city for demolition?Listen to the word group in the conversation between the two,Could it be that Phoenix Group is also participating in the demolition?He walked quickly out of the alley,Seeing that the two had gotten into a car parked nearby。Li Tianchou quickly turned right,Pretending to be nonchalant and follow the path back and forth,So as not to be recognized by the surname Zhu。