continuously working24Hours,Her body is still the spirit,All arrived,Familiar and can bring security arms,Anxious,Three seconds, entering dreams, also in the reason。

Liao Wenjie did not say anything,Run your hand to apply Tang Judi forehead,Make up a spring wind,Confirm that she enters deep sleep,This is leaving the room toward the block.。
Push door,In the sight, Cheng Wenjing sitting in the desk,I can’t open my eyes,Two glass cups in front of。
“what,Ager,How to come back so early today?,Do you have a case??”Seeing the sudden appearance of Liao Wenjie,Cheng Wen Jingji,Face is extremely unnatural。
Liao Wenjie did not think too much,Looking at the carbonated drink in the cup,No-speechless:“Great evening drinking soda,You are not afraid of insomnia?”
“Do not,Not afraid,Busy a day,I am sleepy,I want to drink a little refreshing for my sleep before going to bed.。”Cheng Wen’s quiet road。
“Then you still don’t hurry,look,Evil is running。”
Liao Wenjie pointed at the cup,Carbonated drinks will be opened,There are only some of the two cups of bubbles.,In addition to sweet taste,Not drinking。
If you want to run!
Cheng Wen quietly wiped the scalp slide,Dark housework is not reliable,Say good professional accessories,Actually bubble,Little is not rigorous。
At the same time, I am blaming Liao Wenjie.,It’s going to come back before 12 o’clock before.,The result is two hours earlier.。
“If you are running, you don’t drink.,In fact, I am not interested in this.,Just intend to study the taste,If you are good, Juders are advised to enter the beverage market.。”
Two glasses of water,Go into the bathroom,Pour into the toilet to destroy the dead:“correct,You don’t sleep with Zhu Di,What to do with me??”
“Freeze said,I just like her sleep.,No obligation to sleep。”
“You still sleep with her before.……”
“That’s too sleepy,I was originally intended to come over, she came over.,Who once wanted to squat himself and fell asleep。”Liao Wenjie shrugged,No heart, can’t blame him,Really blame,Culprit is the time,One day only24Hours,Not enough at all。
“Ager,You sound like this……”
Cheng Wen Jing wrinkled,Where is it wrong?,Think about it, it seems that it is nothing wrong with。
“Dictionary is your unhealthy,So I think strange,I feel very normal.。”
“Is that right?”Cheng Wen’s calm head,Still don’t think。
“Don’t think about it.,I am going to take a shower,You come to help me with your back.。”Liao Wenjie,Walk towards the bathroom。
“no need,I have already washed it.。”
“Say your thoughts are unhealthy,You still don’t believe,I let you help,When you want you to wash together?”
Chapter 252 Open
Two days later,Sanjie Ling Dear Consulting Company’s decoration official end,Furniture and office supplies are all in place。
All is ready except for the opportunity!
Tang Judi horses the promise,Handicon borne to Liao Wenjie three days,Responsible for the recruitment of the entire company,At the same time, there is also the old king and clock.。
Two of them,A employee of employee responsible for assessment,Another finishing document,Go to the alarm to check a record of the non-adulteration。
Lyon,Liao Wenjie has no notice,The company has not opened yet,Money has not yet,Can not let neurosis destroy。
Three days,Liao Wenjie and Cheng Wen Qu Jingmin,Run to 36th Floor Assistant Office,Give Tang Judi。
“Jude sister,How to buy so many hubs in a breath?”
Liao Wenjie turned down the statistics of Cheng Wenjing,Discover the real estate company under Tang Judi to acquire a large number of housing and land,And the source is related to the Hob Group。
“Hobet Chairman Die,Hover Center is confirmed,Really dangerous building,News,The stock market plummeted。Even if they press a few days,Do a good loan in advance,Or face the crisis of funds chain breaks,Only sell the land outside。”
Tang Judi explained a sentence,Continue to say:“Recent years,Real estate momentum is steadily climbing,Everyone is very intense to buy real estate,More property is definitely earned。”