The two smiled stupidly at each other。

Tian Lu said:“The whole street can be long,I will take you through this street,Feel it。”
Ye Xingkong nodded,Agree with her proposal。
Reach out,Meaning Tian Lu stretched her hand over,Lead,Otherwise I’ll get lost again。
Tian Luxin“Bang bang bang”Jump straight,Holding a boy’s hand for the first time,She pretended to be natural and stretched over,Put it in Ye Xingkong’s already stretched palm。
The little hand is clamped by his generous hand,Like an electric shock,Suddenly like a warm current,With a shy smile。
First128chapter Owe
Ye Xingkong takes Tian Lu,I’m afraid she will get lost again,Like protection“Personal valuables”Cautious。
And at this moment,Tian Lu only cares about feeling the hand being held,The soul is gone,This is a wonderful feeling,And very comfortable,I forgot to watch the street for a while“landscape”。
Crowded with onlookers ahead,walk over,It turned out to be watching an outdoor art performance,The outdoors is so atmospheric,It’s strange not to attract,On stage“In full swing”Performance,Offstage“Crowded”Watch the play。
This street cultural activities run through it,The famous street in the night market is not empty,The rich cultural heritage supports the connotation of the whole street。
Ye Xingkong pulled Tian Lu’s hand,Remind her to look ahead,Tian Lu was embarrassed to recover,Watch on tiptoe in the direction he is looking。
That is a small round square,There is a sculpture of a foreigner in the front of the square,It is said that this is a businessman,According to legend, hundreds of years ago,This foreign businessman lives here,In order to improve the surrounding human settlements,Paved a path paved with imported sand and stone,Four small streets surround a circular square,Extend from everywhere。
Tian Lu’s strong dishes are on the top of the sand,Feel the difference between foreign sand and rocks。
There is an extended branch street,Very different from most buildings,All made of stones,It looks special in this city,People entering and exiting various western restaurants,Mostly foreigners and people who are stylishly dressed。
Tian Lu touched her bag,Grit your teeth,Say to Ye Xingkong:“Today I will take you to experience a different food,how about it?”
When Tian Lu let go of his hand,The sweat on my hands is like being washed by water,Shyly shook his back。