The nose is not ventilated, the neck is stalked

The nose is not ventilated, the neck is stalked

One of the most annoying symptoms after a cold is a stuffy nose.

Sitting and standing, you have to breathe, and when you lie down and sleep, it is even more shocking.

Here, we introduce a self-therapy that refines sputum, which is simple and practical, easy to operate, and helps you to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion when you have a cold.

  The thumb of both hands is straight, the four fingers are straight and straight, and one is placed on the back of the neck, and the finger is used to press the abdomen with a certain force by the two-way wind pool (under the skull, the depression of the two large ribs, the basic and the earlobeQi Ping) Lift two large ribs down to the Dazhui (lower head, the highest bone under the cervical spine), repeat 10 times, with local skin warmth and mild pain.

Then, the middle finger and the index finger are bent like a hook, and after the cold water is used, the side of the second knuckle of the two fingers is used to sandwich the skin from top to bottom, and the sound of “嗒, 嗒” is sounded.

Pay attention to the pinch when you are pinching, and then let go.

Generally, the skin is clipped about 20 times, and the skin has a purple-red impression.

Due to the displacement of the skin on the traction force, the local capillaries rupture, causing congestion, we call it “exit.”

After the red cockroach, you can feel the nose is smooth, and the head is refreshing.

  From the perspective of meridians, the post-rehabilitation mainly consists of the solar bladder meridians, which is the fence of the human body against the evil spirits. The cold is the result of the fence losing its defense function.

It is the use of external force of the clamp, pressure, squeeze, the subcutaneous capillary is broken, so that the blood penetrates into the tissue, causing local congestion, stimulation of the meridians, to achieve the purpose of treatment and disease prevention.

  However, it should be noted that people with high blood pressure, hemophilia or bleeding tendency should not be paralyzed.

To be embarrassed again, wait until the last magenta print disappears to operate.