C Ronaldo’s left leg patellar tendonitis injury ideal recovery Super Cup is expected to start _1

Ronaldo’s left leg patellar tendinitis injury is ideal to recover the Super Cup is expected to start
Minnan.com, August 11th: The new season of Continental Europe is about to start. As the Champions League winner last season, Real Madrid will compete with Sevilla in the European Super Cup.According to the Spanish media “Aspen”, Real Madrid’s top card Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury has recovered relatively well, and he will start in this game.  Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo stopped the perforation of the patellar tendon of the left leg at the end of last season. Although he finally represented the team in the Champions League final, his condition has not recovered.In the World Cup in Brazil, Ronaldo played with injuries without full recovery, making the tendon injury even more serious.  According to “Aspen”, Ronaldo has started to practice with the team on Friday in Spanish time.The head coach requires each player to do a 30-meter sprint training, but Ronaldo always does it once more than others. After completing the training, Ronaldo still smiles, which also means that Ronaldo’s physical condition can meet the requirements of the game.(wheat)