2017 Snooker latest ranking-Selby top Ding Junhui fourth order

2017 Snooker latest ranking: Selby top Ding Junhui fourth
In 2017, the snooker single-time limited-time game ended, McGill finally defeated Xiao Guodong to win the second championship of the season, and the new temporary world rankings were also released.After the single game, Selby still ranked first, Ding Junhui ranked fourth in Liang Wenbo’s 12th, O’Sullivan’s 13th, and single game champion McGill rose to 15th.  The top four in the world did not participate in the single game, the ranking has not changed.Selby continued to top the list with £842,525, Bingham ranked second with £574,762, and Trump was ranked third with £491,500.As Murphy stopped the semifinals in the single game, Ding Junhui still retained the fourth position with 422925 pounds. Murphy scored in the semifinals of the single game, received 8000 pounds, ranked fifth with 420100 pounds, only 2825 pounds from Ding Junhui.Higgins ranked sixth with 408475 pounds.Hawkins only won £500 in a single game, ranking seventh with £368,525.Robertson ranked eighth with 345,125 pounds. Hong Kong’s Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun ranked ninth with 326,125 pounds.Mark Allen ranked tenth with £300925, and Captain Carter ranked eleventh with £290075.Liang Wenbo scored the second round of the single game, ranking 12th with 275,500 pounds, and O’Sullivan ranked 13th with 247,425 pounds.Karen Wilson ranked 14th with £247,425.McGill won the single-game championship and earned 32,000 pounds, rising to 15th with 219625 pounds, and Ryan Dai ranked 16th with 194587 pounds.  The remaining Chinese players, Zhou Yuelong ranked 37th, Xiao Guodong won the runner-up in a single game, received 16,000 pounds and rose to 44th.Yu Delu 47th Tian Pengfei 53rd, Li Xing 58th Yan Bingtao 61st.Zhang Anda was 73rd, Mei Xiwen was 79th, Zhao Xintong was 87th, Zhang Yong was 93rd, and Wang Yuchen was ranked 99th.