The current epidemic situation, the documentary Chinese Doctor tells us the doctor’s love and fear

The current epidemic situation, the documentary “Chinese Doctor” tells us the doctor’s love and fear
From the end of 2019 to the Spring Festival of 2020, a festival that was originally the most important and most meaningful in the Chinese cultural tradition of the year, there were several extreme doctor-patient conflicts and subsequent large-scale infectious pneumonia epidemics.”This crowd has pushed to the most eye-catching front desk.In this unprecedented tension and worries in the atmosphere, the Spring Festival with repression and hustle and bustle, a nine-episode documentary called “Chinese Doctor” was quietly broadcast.”Chinese Doctor” stills.Known as “Chinese doctors”, the documentary focuses on the most common medical workers on the land of China.The production team went to the obstetrics and gynecology department, emergency department, oncology department, cosmetic burn department, anesthesiology department, operating room, ICU and other departments of the six large third-class hospitals in the country for a year-long documentary shooting.The two episodes that have been released so far are called “Sincerity” and “Growth”.The “sincere” episode believes that in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with the largest number of deaths in China, two senior experts Zhu Liangfu and Wang Dongjin, who are in their prime years, fight every second, stand by 24 hours, most of the high risk, high intensityThe “fear of death” and “awe” behind the extreme working state of high pressure; the “growth” episode focuses on the two young doctors of Xu Ye of the Burns Department and Wei Jia of the Oncology Department.With the aid of scientific means and systems, at the same time, in practice, we gradually appreciate the complexity of idealism and humanity, and the difficulty of balancing the difficulties of reality.Growth beyond is the improvement of medical skills, and it is constantly increasing the limit of psychological endurance.Throughout this documentary, it has naturally withstood the function of expertise in the treatment of diseases in various fields of popular science. In addition to the daily processes of inspection, consultation, surgery, dressing change, and duty, another clue is the main body of performance.When these “Chinese doctors” are concerned with life and death, every decision and choice, every move and the emotional surge and human game behind the trigger.A lot of details tell us that beyond the operating table, the main axis of a doctor’s flesh and blood faces far more than the risk of surgery: the patient’s family’s pleading and goodwill last one second, and the next second will be due to loved onesDeparture and turned into angry complaints and even violence; faced with the precious optimism of patients who are unable to return to heaven, they can only tell themselves “not to be friends with patients” based on the experience of those who come; hope to face, money is always an obstacleThe biggest practical factor for cure; before emergency surgery, doctors must use their mobile phones to record in real time the voice descriptions of family members ‘condition and personal consent . Time after time extreme medical incidents let us see the current medical treatment in contemporary ChinaUnder the complex twists of multiple interests such as resources and systems, social security systems, doctors and patients are undoubtedly the most direct conflicts between these populations, structural contradictions and the inside of human nature.To borrow the words of Xu Ye, a burn doctor in episode 2, “often the medical twist hasn’t been encountered yet, enough people have encountered it.”This also responded to the name of this documentary when it was premiered on CCTV-“Medical Heart”.Faced with such a contradiction, the doctors admitted to the camera: “The hardest thing is to compare your heart, and empathy cannot be done. All we can do is try to think differently.”” Chinese Doctor “stills.Compared with the previous pursuit of dramatization, entertainment, and even spectacle in the creation of healthcare films and documentaries, the production of “Chinese Doctor” is not “exquisite” and “gorgeous”, and sometimes even “light” —— No complicated mirroring skills, no sudden sensational music, no deliberate selection of too many moments of life and death, and the terrible scene of a critically ill or terminally ill disease. The commentary in a few words is also stopped, with calm and restrained narrative words, plainThe simple narrative posture, in the process of presenting each subtle alternation as truthfully as possible, provides a comprehensive perspective for understanding the “doctor” group as a “professional” and understanding their “love” and “fear”, thus showing the productionThe realism attitude of the team, after all, for this profession, those heartbreaking life and death are their daily activities.And the tenderness contained in this calmness is at a time when the conflict between doctors and patients is frequent and the conflict between doctors and patients is extremely sharp. A precious sedative is also reflected from the other side. It is in the new coronavirus epidemic center.Doctors in Wuhan, how overwhelmed were those who were crying in the department.This narrative strategy of returning to nature can be regarded as a starting point to a certain extent. It is a starting point for understanding, observing, and rationality. It is not intended, nor seems to be able to expose the function of a certain focus, but rely more on humanism.From the perspective, the feelings of perspective, in today’s myth of modern medical technology, the so-called “noble”, “sacred”, “universal” but “cold”, “relentless” “white angel” is restored to ordinary people with blood and flesh, refused to renderSadness, no moral kidnapping, nor almighty hero.Various unbearable medical and patient realities have revealed that Lu Xun’s wish to “salvage the heart” set aside when he gave up his medical career a century ago still has a long way to come. On the one hand, it is the professional spirit and contract system inherent in modern society.On the one hand, the emotional structure and thinking style of people in this country that is gradually changing from a traditional rural society to a gradual development must first open a window and establish a window for doctors and patients to establish mutual understanding and establish spiritual communication.The main axis, first “comparing the heart”, first rationality, common sense and scientific attitude, can only have the heart to treat the disease of the patient and the society, and truly “save the people and save the country, the doctor and the doctor.”And is this not exactly what the media practitioners should do?□ Wang Yike (drama reviewer) Editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading He Yan