November 2 NBA Trail Blazers vs. Warriors Online Live Broadcasting Address Big Four Encircle Lillard_1

November 2 NBA Trail Blazers vs. Warriors Online Live Broadcasting Address Big Four Encircle Lillard
At 10:00 am Beijing time on November 2nd, the Warriors challenged the Blazers away. The Big Four will encircle Lillard and strive for a three-game winning streak.The Trailblazers’ competitiveness Lillard’s outstanding performance just won a victory. When returning to the home they want to maintain their combat effectiveness. Lillard and McCollum will lead the team to overturn the Warriors.(Moda Center at 10 o’clock on November 2nd, Beijing time) Click to enter: On November 2nd, the NBA Trail Blazers vs. Warriors live broadcast address Since the defeat to the Spurs in the opener, the Warriors rebounded on the road and they beat the Pelicans in a row.The team and the Suns won 2 straight.Despite winning streak, the Warriors exposed more problems than people thought, they encountered more difficulties and challenges in the regular season than in the preseason.The Warriors showed strong dominance in the preseason, but they were not so strong in the regular season, especially in rebounds, protection of the basket, overall defense and mistakes.The Suns and the Pelicans have not won a single victory since the start of the season, but the Warriors have struggled against these teams. Their strength and strength have not been reflected in the game. In the final analysis, it is the Warriors.Defense cannot limit the opponent.  Durant averaged 31 per season.3 points, 10.3 rebounds and 4.7 assists, especially in two consecutive wins full of 30+, he brought great help to the team in the offense.And Durant also has good data on rebounds and assists. He supports the team with comprehensive performance.Curry averaged 25.7 points, 1.7 rebounds and 4.With 7 assists, he scored 23 points and 28 points in the last two games. This is his three-pointer hits gradually increasing, and Curry is close to turning on metamorphic quasi-mode.Encountering Lillard, this will give Curry more motivation, I don’t know what performance he will send.  Green averaged 10.3 points, 12 rebounds and 7.With 3 assists, he still leads the team in assists, and he also has a good contribution on the rebound.But Green’s shooting feel is not good, the shooting rate in the last two games is only 30% and 22 respectively.2%, his low shooting percentage allows opponents to make targeted arrangements in defense.Thompson is still struggling to find a suitable role. He is still adapting to the reduced number of shots.Pars Pariaria has been defensively active in the last two games, but the Warriors lacked a reliable contribution point on the bench. Iguodala and Livingston are not stable enough. If they have deep problems, they can’t.To solve, the Warriors star players are bound to have more consumption in the season.  When confronting the Trail Blazers, Curry and Durant should continue to lead the team’s offense, Thompson must seize the open shooting opportunity, Green must strive to play a role in the offense.Iguodala, West, Livingston and others on the bench are to contribute, and they have to give more support to several stars.  Lillard averaged 35 points, 8 rebounds and 5 per game this season.Three assists, especially when he won the Nuggets away, was particularly eye-catching.Before the end of regular time, his empty layup tied the game and dragged the game into overtime. There was still 0 in overtime.At 3 seconds, he threw a shot to win the game, which helped the Trail Blazers to win.When meeting with the Warriors, Lillard wants to continue to maintain the offensive state to drive the team, he wants to create more trouble for the Warriors defense.  McCollum’s performance this season is not as good as last season. He is an extremely important attack point for the team. If he can find an offensive feeling, Lillard’s pressure will be reduced a lot.Crabbe, Harkles, Aminu and others are going to bring help on the front line. They are trying to exert defensive pressure on Thompson and Durant. Insider Plumley, Feng Lai and others also have to contribute.  The Warriors defeated the Blazers 3-1 in the regular season last season. The only win for the Blazers came from the home court.The two teams have fought seven times recently, the Warriors have won six games, and the Warriors have won 11 games in the last 14 games.The two sides played in Portland nearly 7 times, and the Blazers won only 2 times.In the preseason, the two teams played against Oracle Arena, and the Warriors won 107-96.  The two teams are expected to start the first-level Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, Pachulia Trail Blazers: Lillard, McCollum, Aminu, Harkles, Pramley